Name: Avigdor

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I love how this deck bag is engineered. They really thought this one through! First off, it rides more securely on my deck than any other deck bag I have tried. My safety gear (paddle float, pump) are held fast but readily accessible with quick release buckles. The interior is just the right amount of space. Plenty of room for a 2L water bladder (with a hose slot), snacks, sunscreen, and more, without being excessively cavernous. And the quality of the manufacturing is excellent. One of my better equipment purchases in a long time.

I recently purchased an Ikkuma 17 in the Kevlar layup. Like every paddler, I was look for that "it will do it all" boat. The Ikkuma probably comes as close as anything I've paddled. Its a reasonably fast boat and quickly accelerates from a stop. The hard chines make for solid secondary stability that feels very comfortable on edge. It has a playful feel to it and turns with ease yet tracks beautifully without any tendency to weathercock regardless of wind direction. The deck layout is very practical and the quality of construction is excellent. Its a great "all a rounder."

I rarely rave about any product but my Tula hat is a phenomenal piece of head gear for paddling. It is made of hand-woven palm and the quality of construction is top rate. It has a 4" brim along with a UPF 50+ rating so it really provides excellent protection from the sun. The cotton foam headband really keeps the sweat from dripping down and unlike most of the hats I used to wear, the Tula keeps my head cool, even on the hottest days.

At first, due to the wide brim, I was concerned about windy days but its never popped off once. Its even rather stylish looking. For comfort, sun protection and product quality you couldn't do better.

This is one great paddle! Having upgraded from a Capella 166 to a QCC 700 last summer I found my trusty Werner Shuna was no longer "up to the job." After considerable research and several test paddles, I purchased a Mitchell Black Magic. I couldn't be more pleased. For starters, this is a good looking paddle. The laminate wood shaft and carbon fiber blades provides exceptional balance with a very light swing weight. It feels good in your hands and the wooden shaft provides just the right amount of flex. These are full sized blades that provides a firm catch and generate considerable power in every stroke. Yet blade entry and exit is smooth and quiet. The blades are fixed at a 60 degree feather which is my personal preference. It performs the more technical strokes, braces and draws with great finesse (my bow rudder never felt better). The icing on the cake - a combination of low paddle weight, perfect balance and the right amount of flex translates into discomfort free shoulders after a full day of paddling. This is not a "cheap date" paddle but it is worth the price tag.