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Name: yakman602000

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I own the signature hybrid. It has noticeable power in each stroke, also very smooth. Also light weight you get what you pay for.

I searched and researched lots of paddles, I finally came up with one, the carbon hybrid active tour. It is very nicely priced, way under competitors. Lots of quick exel or just a pleasure cruise, very smooth. It weighs in at 26oz's for under $250.00. Most paddles that I've seen run $350-$400. Highly recomend. Now my wife wants one.

Just bought a lola pfd.haven't had it out yet,but i love the way it feels. easy to put on and plenty of adjustments.for touring i don't see where i can go wrong. i've heard nothing but good about this vest.i give it a 10 because of the way it feels and under a $100.00 bucks.

I like this paddle very much, it is light weight at about 28 oz. It is a fiberglass shaft, the lightest in that series. I gave it a 9 because it's not ultra light, not to far from being so. Less than half the price under $150.00. best bang for the buck.

The Eclipse is an awesome boat to paddle. It's comfort is nice for large people and it handles good in windy conditions. Definetly a great long tripper. Just can't say enough. - crosby from ny state