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As a longtime Downriver…

Submitted by: paddler828779 on 7/30/2020
As a longtime Downriver Whitewater competitor I prefer the full carbon Active Tourer to wing paddles. I find no measurable performance differences but, the Active is much better for steering strokes and the occasional quick bracing strokes. The reason I only gave it 3-stars because of a dangerous construction flaw. 2 years ago I was in the middle of a long, technical rapid, going full competition speeds in my very tippy Wildwater racing kayak when suddenly the left blade flew away. It was a near-miracle that I managed to get myself through the rest of those tight, rocky rapids without tipping over and potentially swimming the rest of the rapids. What happened was the end of the shaft split open during normal powerful stokes releasing the blade, while not touching or hitting any solid objects. On top of that when I called Epic and requested replacement parts, Epic refused. They wanted me to pack up and send the paddle back so they could charge me for the full repair, something I am perfectly capable of doing. The flaw is that the paper thin shaft is obviously not strong enough to prevent it from splitting under heavy, yet normal, paddling loads. I do have a second carbon Active and I wrapped a 1" carbon tape+epoxy resin around both ends of the shaft which strengthens the weak points to prevent such a split in the shaft.

15 plus years, spent absurd…

Submitted by: joelong on 6/19/2020
15 plus years, spent absurd money, worth every penny. Got great boats, but the paddle better than great.

I bought the Epic Active…

Submitted by: paddler234472 on 3/26/2012
I bought the Epic Active Touring in full carbon (210-220) last year and I love it! I was paddling with a Werner Kaliste and wanted a high angle paddle. The Werner Cyprus was too tame, the Ikelos was too aggressive. The Epic was perfect - lighter than the Werner, great power, great catch, smooth release - simply a great paddle! Bonus - The adjustable length allows me to use it with my Current Designs Caribou kayak (set to 210cm) AND with my Placid Boatworks Rapidfire canoe (set to 218cm). I strongly recommend this paddle!

I own an Epic Active Tour in…

Submitted by: paddler233871 on 11/19/2010
I own an Epic Active Tour in full carbon (red shaft). Extremely light, good catch and smooth stroke, the foam core also allows for a clean effortless release. Blade is not too big but gives ample power when needed. One little issue is that the finishing on my paddle is lacking at the neck of the blade.the lacquer seems to be roughed out on that area. Otherwise, a great paddle.

Wow. Last week was my…

Submitted by: samelnyk on 7/17/2006
Wow. Last week was my vacation and I spent most of the week paddling. I took out the EPIC. Usually, my paddles of choice are either Lendals or Werners. These are good, sturdy paddles. Then, there was the Epic (the one that I used was the Signature series with burgundy shaft). It was light; it cut the water beautifully; there was power in every stroke. This is a paddle to enjoy for both its beauty and its functionality. It is a 10 and worth it.

I own the signature hybrid.…

Submitted by: yakman602000 on 5/3/2005
I own the signature hybrid. It has noticeable power in each stroke, also very smooth. Also light weight you get what you pay for.

I love this paddle! Very…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/24/2005
I love this paddle! Very smooth, lightest around (full carbon, burgundy shaft). Length lock is great. It did come with the carry case and wrench. Epic provides excellent support.

Excellent paddle, surprising…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2004
Excellent paddle, surprising how much difference a good paddle can make. One problem, other than it's a bit wet, the compression ring is weak and breaks easily. A stronger ring and more product advisement would have been appreciated, also where's my free bag? The dealer only offered it with the highest price( 400 dollar plus) model.

What a great paddle! My first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/23/2004
What a great paddle! My first trip with the new paddle was virtually effortless. The length-lock is a great feature. Sure, it was just over $400 and took over a month to get it but I'm glad I did it, and didn't know how much difference a great paddle makes. It also comes with a sack to protect it in storage. Also well packaged for shipping.

I own the full carbon model…

Submitted by: Peter_K on 10/4/2002
I own the full carbon model standard carbon shaft, (burgundy) with length lock. When I test paddled this I laughed with delight. Very, very smooth entry, well balanced forward pull (very little flutter, none with good technique), great for side work, (postioning for duffek stroke, sculling etc). The back of the paddle is very niceley shaped, not blocky. This contributes to the smooth entry. The length lock feature is great, no play between halves. Shorten for surfing, lengthen for paddling the tandem. I think this is the best paddling non wing straight shaft large bladed paddle in the world. Expensive, but what did you expect? Did I mention that it is very light?