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Suspenz 2 Boat Free Standing Rack No processing of my order (including…

Suspenz 2 Boat Free Standing Rack
No processing of my order (including my P-net discount), quick shipment and a prompt arrival. It was less than a week from submission of my order to delivery (including UPS Ground ship time from the other side of the country). It took all of about 25 minutes to assemble both towers and about 5 minutes to figure out the adjustments, features, etc. once I got my boats on the rack. Heavy duty construction and attractive styling were the icing on the cake.

This review is based on a 2 hour outing on flat and slow moving water, 90+ degree summer day with a 5'7" 215 lb male paddler of intermediate experience.

I picked up my new poly Tsunami 165 yesterday and had it on the water for the first time today. I bought this boat for multi-day trips on medium to large rivers and lakes. It is, as advertised, a very stable boat considering it is less than 24" wide. For a heavier (60+ lbs) poly boat it has good to above average speed. The tracking was near perfect, even going upriver against the current and with a moderate breeze coming in at about 2 o'clock (just off the bow to the right). For a longer boat, it maneuvered well requiring just the smallest bit of edging to swing into a hard turn. Smaller turns or slight course corrections were made with a subtle lean or a single wide stroke. The footpegs adjustments are right at your fingertips and move easily. The 3 way seat adjustment really dials in the comfort level...I even stayed seated while taking a snack/water break. The day hatch is just behind and to the right of the seat and was fairly easy to access while seated. It has it's own bulkhead so smaller handy items won't roll around or get mixed in with larger gear inside the big rear hatch. I can squeeze a small soft sided cooler into mine and still have room to spare. The larger fore and aft compartments look to easily hold all of my camping equipment and supplies for several days. Hatch covers went on and off with ease and seem to seal well. I have heard some complaints about Wilderness hatches in general but this is my third Wilderness boats with no hatch problems to report. There is plenty of deck rigging for strapping down large loads or to keep odds and ends (paddle float, pump, water bottle, maps, etc.) on deck and close at hand.

I'm going to give this boat a 9. It's not perfect but it's close for me.