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Name: ShirleyDanford

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this boat. Open cockpit, 3 rod holders. I supplement the seat with an aftermarket seat due to my bad back. I use this boat when introducing friends to kayaking. The first thing I do is have them roll out of it into the water, then climb back in. That addresses their fear of falling out right way. Then they get comfortable paddling and off we go on our next adventure. This is a flat water boat. I have even used it to paddle across the intercoastal waterway to barrier islands. Does well on small swells. Easy to reach open compartment behind you for accessing your gear.

Easy to secure to either sit in or sit on top style kayaks. Comfortable seat padding. Makes a full day of paddling enjoyable.

Very easy to learn to use. Small. Lightweight. Easy to attach to most bottles. No problems so far. Remember to backflush to keep it working at its best.