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The livery I manage uses Daytrippers as the livery boat and I refer to them as floating bathtubs. They are slugs, but very stable. We picked up an All Water to try out thinking we may wish to offer something a bit more lively. I took it for a paddle the other day from the shop up to the "play wave".

Paddling the Allwater was fun. It is a fast boat and quite comfortable. It is rather stable and can turn very quickly. The lowerable skeg does make it track more like a Daytripper, but pull it up and you have a serviceable WW boat.

I did not have a skirt with me so I paddled it open. I took on water multiple times on the short paddle carving turns. The cockpit is very low to the water in the rear. I got out on the main playwave and surfed a bit. The boat surfed well until I got the nose into the wave and water poured into the cockpit.

Now, I have always been a canoe guy, but I really did enjoy paddling the Allwater. I will have to find a skirt in the shop and get back to surfing that wave.

I have had this little boat for a few weeks now. I purchased it in tuf-weave to run local rivers and be stiff on flat water. Thus far the rivers have been flooded out since I bought it so I am speaking simply on its flat water abliities.

This is my first solo canoe though I have been soloing in a tandem for a few years now. I was quite impressed by the canoe. I took it to a local lake and quickly found myself in 3 to 4 foot cabin cruiser wake. This was the second time I had paddled the canoe and was rather scared. However it bounced like a cork and I stayed dry. I even got hit by a serious wake directly on the side. I am not sure the Echo I have paddled for years would have done any better.

I am also a fisherman and find that it is nice and stable as a fishing platform. I even got the guts to stand up for a few casts. It is a rather short boat so it is not the fastest thing on the water but man it feels fast. One paddle stroke sends you off. I have been practicing hit and switch and it works well in this canoe.

This canoe is not a flat water trip boat or a whitewater canoe. What it is is a canoe that will work for everything I have though of. It does not track as straight as some canoe or turn as fast as some but it is exactly what i wanted... so far. i will post another review after it has been on the river a few times.