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Name: BigGrover1

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Got this to use because it was lighter than my Jackson Coosa. Great boat for larger paddler. Good secondary stability, the proprietary pressure molded plastic performs similar to fiberglass or kevlar.

As a big guy (275lbs) I was looking for something stable for floating rivers. Couldn't have found anything better. Seat is comfortable, just right for me in the low position. Can sit in it all day and not have numb feet or legs. The only improvement would be an additional skeg. The one on it is replaceable and if they could provide a larger one to swap out for flat water it would improve the paddling. This is a highly maneuverable boat designed for moving water and therefore tends to require a lot of correction strokes for flat water.

Bought my 16' SOAR year before last. Needed somethng a little more stable than my Legend 16 to carry my wife around in. She's a non-paddler, non-swimmer. The boat is just as easy to handle in the water as my royalex legend was. in fact, it's less prone to wind effects than a regular canoe. Hypalon tubes are tough and handle rocks, abrasions well. Very stable. Have run class II and III with no problems. The boat is just a little heavy and hard to get into its own carry bag. Well worth the money and rates a 10 out of 10.