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I looked high and low for a truck rack for my 04 Ram. I wanted something that mounted into the stake pockets, but did not sit inside the rail. I have a roll up Tonneau that I wanted to leave on the truck and that's clamped onto the side of the rail. Once the rack is installed, it is very solid, I have carried 4 kayaks at one time with no issue. I mounted Malone j cradles to it and loading and unloading is no problem.

While the company advertises that you can remove the rack in "minutes" that may be true if you want to remove the rack as one piece and leave the other pieces still in the stake pockets. Then it's just 4 screws and you and your buddy lift it off and walk it off the track. Getting the other pieces out of the stake pocket is a little more involved. The way they are designed, they wedge into the pocket and expand as you tighten the bolt. To take them out, you loosen the bolt and they contract via a rubber band. Bad part is the rubber bands break and now you are left try to maneuver with two screwdrivers to fish the wedge pieces out of the sake pocket. Very frustrating.

Overall, I like the rack for its sturdiness, looks, and no drill installation while still being able to keep the Tonneau cover. The quickness of complete removal is not so great though.

The wife and I bought 138's in Fall 2002. We've used them quite a bit and they are great for what they're designed for. They're not a sea kayak. They can handle waves, but swamping one would require getting to shore to empty it. We use ours for calm water paddling and river trips. I think they are extremely comfortable and very verrsatile. There are times I wish I had a shorter boat, but then again, when I get out in more open paddling, I'm having an easier time paddling than my friends in the short boat. So it's a trade off. I'm also starting to learn why kayak people always tend to own more than one boat. Different boats for different occasions.

If you looking for a calm water boat, flat/class I, then it's a great boat. My friends have one and they sit their 4 yeard old boy in the cockpit in front of them. He loves it.