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Name: Scottaorlando

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This year I added a Stellar S14S Multisport to my collection of Stellar boats. It joins my Stellar 16S Multisport and Stellar SR Multisport. I was looking for a kayak option for when something shorter and lighter is needed. The Stellar S14S looks very small when sitting next to my Stellar SR, but once in the water you quickly forget about the length. The Stellar S14S open cockpit is easy to enter and exit which is important to me for quick transitions if used in paddle triathlons or races with beach starts. Once in the water, the Stellar S14S feels like a much longer boat. It is quick and responsive with or without the rudder engaged. The kick up rudder is great for paddling in shallow or heavily weeded waters. The Stellar S14S is wider then my other two Stellar boats providing added stability for rough waters or beginners learning how to paddle a surfski. At 14'3" the length is perfect for lakes and rivers alike. Going into larger open water I would probably go with my Stellar S16 Multisport instead. I personally prefer the Multisport layup of Stellar's composite options. I originally owned a Stellar S16 Advantage with a gel coat composite hull but sold it and switched to the Multisport layup. Now I don't worry about scratches or damage to the hull from unseen rocks. The carbon fiber / kevlar hull of the Multisport layup provides ease of mind and more confidence in the water. The Stellar S14S has been surprisingly fun to paddle. I would highly recommend the Stellar S14S Multisport to anyone looking to transition from kayak to surfski, to anyone looking for more performance then a standard roto molded recreational kayak, or for anyone who likes to look and feel awesome going fast out on the water.

I purchased a Stellar S16 Advantage for Adventure Triathlons. I have been very pleased with my purchase. The first race I used the Stellar S16 I finished 6th overall and won my age group.

The S16 has very good stability and speed to match. It tracks well with or without the rudder. The cockpit is a little small and slow to enter and exit compared to a surf ski in race transition but provides a nice tight fit with a responsive feel. The seat is comfortable and the foot position is very easy to adjust. Lots of storage area to pack gear for a weekend or day trip.

The composite finish makes the S16 light, easy to transport, and store. The downside to a composite boat is that it is easy to scratch the gel coat on the bottom hull. A cautious paddler won't have an issue with that aspect.

I would recommend the S16 to anyone wanting to go fast in a conventional kayak.

The Liquid Logic Intuit 13.5 was my first kayak purchase. The Intuit 13.5…

The Liquid Logic Intuit 13.5 was my first kayak purchase.

The Intuit 13.5 might be the fastest heavy molded boat out there. I read that the Intuit 13.5 handles like a kayak a foot smaller and tracks like a kayak a foot longer. After using the kayak for 3 years I would agree.

The Intuit 13.5 has great primary and secondary stability making it a great choice for paddlers of any ability level. The seat is the most comfortable of any kayak I have paddled. The expandable back support is a nice touch. The thigh stabilizers are very comfortable and allow steering of the kayak just by pushing and leaning on them.

The front design of the Intuit 13.5 allows for the kayak to break tough water and push it away from the cockpit.

The only downside to the Intuit 13.5 is the weight. At 55 pounds the kayak is a little heavy, but most molded kayaks of this size and style usually are on the heavy side.

The Intuit 13.5 is a great all around kayak.

I purchased the NRS Freestyle Wetshoe to paddle my Stellar S16 Advantage. I was using Teva River Shoes and I was having a hard time feeling the rudder pedals so I wanted something with a flexible bottom that also provided warmth for cold water kayaking.

I have been very pleased so far with the NRS Freestyle. The Vapor Loft keeps water out and my foot warm. They are very flexible so I have great feel and command of my rudder pedals. The NRS Freestyle has a reinforced rubber toe that provides support and protection against wear. They look and feel great. I found the sizing to be true to size. The tab on the back of the shoe makes it a little easier to slip on and off your feet.

I recently used the NRS Freestyle Wetshoes in a 39 degree kayak race and they performed great keeping my feet warm, dry, and gave me the feel and response that I needed. Great product a highly recommend.