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I do not need a car top rack and store it in my house. It fits easily in the car's back seat or trunk. It comes with a bag which makes it easy to carry. It slices through the water. Pros No car roof rack needed. Compact and easy to store anywhere. Easy to carry. Cons Bought pump and thought it had a self contained rechargeable battery. It needs a separate battery. Usage Exercise

Easy to store, setup, inflate, carry, and paddle. It is light and very easy to carry to and from the water. It does not require a car rack so you save here. At home you do not have to find a long storage space. You do need to take the time to inflate it but save the time needed to put it on the car rack and to take it off. Pros Easy to store. Cons Manual inflation. The electric pump requires a battery. Usage Exercise

Revenge is relatively dry. Back band that came with it is narrow & uncomfortable and low quality. I replaced it with a better higher back support/seat pad. Screw on drain plug must be removed with a screwdriver or a coin. Drain plug can easily be lost (tool or coin too). You are out of luck as you cannot remove the plug with your bare fingers especially when sitting down in the kayak or even on shore. Does not completely self drain when paddling(drain plug removed). Hatches leak.

Some mild steel screws and nuts & bolts installed and rusted quickly. I replaced those with stainless steel. Screws and bolts were too long and would catch on anything placed inside. Plastic fittings broke. Rudder pedals stick and must be pushed hard. Pedals installed too high for my size 10 feet.

Very difficult to bring the rudder up or down. When the rudder is pulled up the rudder cord will strain, the mechanism will stick, the rudder will suddenly release, and the metal rudder will violently and loudly bang on the fiberglass unless the rudder is aligned perfectly straight to fit into the rudder catch mechanism(try to keep the rudder straight while seating in the kayak and tugging and pulling the rudder up.). The fibeglass sill be damaged. I installed a strip of rubber to ptotect the fiberglass and installed a pulley for the rudder cord.

Hidden Screw holes(one on each side) in middle of pedal mechanism drilled through hull but rudder pedal screws were not installed for both pedals. You are left with two hidden drilled holes into the hull from the cockpit.