Name: dhuggins

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My son and I both have Tsunami 145 Gen2 kayaks that we got in August. My son is 6'2" appx 200lbs and I'm 5'11" and appx 230lbs and feel real comfortable in the cockpit. No problem with room.

They seem to be fairly quick and track real well even without using the rudder. We've been out in heavy wind conditions that kicked up 1-2 foot swells and white caps. The Tsunamis were very stable and nimble. They have great initial and secondary stability.

The Tsunami's 14.5' length makes it easier to navigate the smaller streams we like to go on as well.

The deck rigging is real handy. I really like the paddle bungee on the left side of the cockpit. The hatch covers seem to do their job well. But I've had a little water get into my rear hatch. A little of the right kind of caulk applied to the bulkhead should take care of that. I wish WS would separate the day hatch from the main hatch / storage in the stern. Maybe they'll make a retro-fit kit for that at some point. Even so, there is room behind the seat for water bottles etc and plenty of room in the bow and stern hatches for gear and food for multi day trips and an overall weight capacity of around 500lbs according to WS.

We love the Phase3 seating - had to mention that. Hours in the seat and no complaints.

Living near Chattanooga, TN, we have a lot of choices of places to paddle. We are planning on paddling the 40/50 mile Tennessee River’s BlueWay soon.