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Name: beachcamper

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The Kestrel I own is in a premium layup, spruce rails 27# Kestrel. I have paddled it almost every weekend for 7 years now and still looks good. Dave makes a very well constructed boat and I don't baby this boat at all.

I was looking for an easy paddling, fairly seaworthy, lightweight canoe for Everglades paddling and camping trips. It is a kneeling boat as set up and I also added an aluminum foot bar for sit and switch paddling. We travel up to 16-20 miles per day when we take off for our camping trips. Because we have to take water with us, the weight is considerable and this canoe can handle me at 170 lbs and enough food/water/gear for a 10 day trip and still be efficient. What I like most is that it is not trim sensitive and with a custom spray deck from Cookes Custom Sewing, I can even do coastal trips with this canoe.

During the year here in South Florida I can fish from this canoe but it is not really designed for fishing it is quite tippy should a big one hit. Best to kneel for stability or lower the seat.

For me it is a good compromise and I make it work for fishing trips. My number one need is for an efficient, relatively fast canoe that is wind resistant and fun to paddle. Did I mention it only weighs 27lbs???

My ZRE Medium was the answer to more miles and less stress on my shoulders. It is unbelievably light and strong. It has been abused through saltwater mangrove creeks, shallow bays full of oyster reefs and still looks brand new. I plan on getting a Power Surge in the near future.

I had Dan make me a custom spray deck for my solo canoe (Hemlock Kestrel) 7 years ago. It has withstood all these years without rips/tears. His workmanship is first class and I need gear that won't fall apart in a remote trip. I also have a tundra tarp that is older than the spray deck. Even in high winds it has not torn. If you need to rely on your equipment, you won't find a better made product.