Name: llukin04

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I've had my Halifax 17 for about 5 years. This was my first kayak, and the only I've held onto over the years. At 70 lbs it's heavy, but it is very stable and easy to move through the water. There's plenty of room for gear, and the rudder makes correction effortless. The boat is very responsive, and lives up to my expectations. At then end of a 20 mile trip, I am still comfortable in the seat. As the boat is plastic, it takes a beating, but unlike a composite boat, I don't really worry about scratches. I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm glad I got it when I did, as you don't find many of these around.

My Tsunami 125 is 2 years old. I got it because it's lighter than my long boat and figured it would be great as a rec boat. It's fast, keeping up with 16 &17 footers. This boat has been around the Statue of Liberty where swells can be up to 3 feet. She rolls nicely and turns easily. Wind is never a problem. The boat tracks well, and no rudder is needed for correction. The design is perfect.