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Cabela's Comfort Mesh Flotation Device is what is supposed to be. It keeps you above the water. It is neither particularly attractive nor does it have lots of extras, but it does keep you from sinking. The price isn't bad what you get either. If you want bells and whistles keep looking, if you want a relatively inexpensive life vest this may fit your bill.

If you enjoy the water you will love the Explorer 380x made by Sea Eagle. This inflatable kayak is tough and rugged and yet fairly spacious even for someone who is 6'8" like myself. It holds up to 750 lbs including cargo which gives plenty of space for overnight trips.

The 380x can handle class 3 and 4 with ease. this kayak is great in white water in addition to paddling in the ocean. I have used it to travel down the kayak down the Snake River in Wyoming and "kayak surfing" in California. I agree that a directional stabilizer or fin is needed if you do not want to fishtail while paddling on flat water.

I do wish that the kayak had a spray guard to limit the amount of water during white water kayaking. All in all, this is one inflatable that everyone should enjoy!

The Chaco Z-2 sandal are great to use for almost all purposes. They are great for water activities, hiking, and just walking around town. They are my go to "shoe" and have lasted over 5 years with the same tread. I great thing about them is the ability to re-tread the soles but as stated before I have yet to do that. The built in arch support is great for those who have high arches as well as those like myself whose arches are non-existant. Although I have a closed toe sandal which does protect the toes, the Chacos have so much more uses and outside of the occasional rock in the foot this is the closest thing to perfect footwear.