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Name: demimondance

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I'll start with the bad: This is an inflatable craft, made of pretty rinky dink material on the inside, luckily it is covered in some pretty heavy duty canvas to protect from tree limbs and wayward fish hooks, and a heavy duty plastic material on the bottom.. I would stay it is much more hearty than the sea eagle 330 and 370.

The valves are not boston valves anymore, they are like those from an inflatable air mattress, and this is really the worst part about the boat. If you see the amazing reviews for this boat lasting 5+ years you can be sure you will not get the same boat. The valves they use now will fail long before then. Theoretically you can replace the blatter (of which there are 3, bottom/left/right), but the manufacturer won't replace them, says they can be purchased but only if you live in the UK.

The tracking is what you would expect from a flat bottomed inflatable boat...what little assistance the bottom design gives you is negated after storing it because thematerial became permanently enamored with the right side of the boat.

So now that we got the bad out of the way...

This boat is more than capable of going a few miles or less to your favorite fishing hole. You basically can't tip this boat. It is hilariously stable. It is very comfortable, maybe a little cramped for long trips with 2, super comfortable by yourself. Have done class I/II in it without a problem. Especially in a river with a current this boat is a dream. The material is so heavy duty I ran in some pretty gnarly broken trees, thorns, and had to drag lazy ladies over sharp rocks and had no trouble whatsoever. I imagine adding a skeg to this would be a big help, I found directions online for adding one but unfortunately my valve failed before then.

I have had around 550 pounds of supplies and men in it without a problem.

I have much fondness for this boat, and probably got 200+ miles of floating out of it. Eventually that valve is going to get you though (it failed while opening it to air it up), so at the very least be very gentle with the valves. This isn't your boat for the rest of your life, but not many inflatables are, especially at this price point. If fishing is your main activity I definitely recommend.