Colorado Canoe - U241/KCC335

by  Sevylor

Colorado Canoe - U241/KCC335 Description

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Colorado Canoe - U241/KCC335 Reviews

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After doing a bit of…

Submitted by: paddler513196 on 6/7/2019

After doing a bit of research, I decided to go with an inflatable kayak verses a plastic-type molded one mainly due to cost and storage reasons….though I really wanted one of those with the cool impulse peddle drive. So, I settled on the Sevylor 2-person Colorado Fishing kayak which I bought summer 2018. I have used it several times in different water ways and have found it to be, overall, a pretty reliable boat but not without drawbacks.
Even though there are some negatives to the Colorado I was able to find some relatively inexpensive remedies to overcome them. Here we go……. The (-) As with some of the other reviews on this kayak, I agree the fishing rod holders can get in the way of rowing and leave you with a couple of bruised arms by the end of the day if you are not paying attention to how you’re rowing. However, to alleviate myself in general from rowing, I bought the Sevylor SBM 18 Lb. thrust trolling motor with a 35 amp hour deep cycle battery, and for the most part, I really don't have to worry about this anymore. Come to find out, the Colorado actually has fittings built in specifically for this trolling cool is that! Not so! Though the motor does fit nicely in the built-in eye holes on the side of the kayak, it's a constant battle to steer when you are on the water due to the flex in the kayak. So, I jumped on YouTube and found several videos for kayak mods. As you guested, with a little on-line education and some ingenuity of my own, I made a PVC motor transom mount that secures nicely in the rear fishing rod holders, and along with this, I decided to incorporate a nice rack to hold my ice chest full of beer and other goodies. Quick note on the SBM 18 which I still recommend buying with this kayak- works nicely on lakes, inlets and calmer waters as long as it’s not too windy. I recently did have to replace the propeller due to it coming loose and falling off, somehow, the last time I used it. Sevylor unfortunately does not make or carry replacement propellers. BUT and you guessed, I did find a remedy....the Watersnake 18 Lb. thrust is the same exact motor with the same exact propeller and for $11.00 on Amazon, I bought it. BTW, I actually bought two for the reason you just guested! Last note which refers back to your guess....check your equipment before opening your first beer and departing on the lake. Also with some of the reviews I read, I too had some challenges with the kayak’s performance. When you inflate it, the bottom over time does start to go out of form with the sides. This makes for tracking and cutting through the water more difficult not to mention slowing the kayak down with what is already a not-so-fast kayak. Remedy - rather than fill each of the three bladders until full, what I found is to fill the bottom about half way first then do the same for both sides. This will allow you to adjust the bottom and sides so they all line up property to optimize the kayak's performance - prior to completing the inflation process. If you decide buy this kayak just watch for this. I think what has happen to other people over time is, if you are not properly folding and storing the kayak, the next time you inflate it the bladders tend to shift and when the boat also sits out in the sun fully inflated, it causes the material to stretch. Once this happens you might as well pitch it or use it for a pool toy. I believe this is just a “watch for” maintenance issue. Fortunately, I caught it in time. The seats that comes with the kayak have an inflatable bottom but still sit low, and when paddling, it doesn't take long before your back starts to hurt. Remedy - I bought one of those blow-up seat flotation devises along with a stadium seat to raise me up and add back support. This was an inexpensive way to effectually take care of my back situation and also, should I decide not to use the trolling motor, lifts me up high enough to where my arms no longer hit the rod holders. So you ask, based on the review so far, the boat seems slow, uncomfortable and doesn't seem to perform well. Why buy it and why rate it’s why.

The (+) Construction - even though a few of the reviews I read talk of flimsy material, I actually find this boat to be pretty rugged. I have had it in several sticky situations, including getting under hanging trees with some gnarly branches brushing up against the sides to retrieve lures. In every situation like this there were never any permanent markings on the material nor did it puncture....and I always got my lure back!
Functionality – I really like all of the rod holders, D-rings and built-in pockets to hold gear. All of these have allowed me to make this boat my own, especially with the several PVC modifications I have added.
Looks - not that this is important when fishing, but this is a very nice looking boat. Since it has a green-quasi-camouflage look to it, I kept this theme with all my mods. The all-in-one transom mount and storage rack I built on the back, I painted camo as well as a couple of other mods. Really looks cool! If I'm not catching any fish, at least I look good. Comfort – Yes, I did have to add a stadium seat and flotation devise but after this I had to be careful not to fall asleep. Comfort problem solved. There are other kayak seats you can buy but you’ll need to spend more. Fast-vs slow - inflatables in general will always be slower. I bought this kayak for fishing and leisure not for performance or exercise, hence, why I bought the trolling motor. Maintenance – you’ll need to let this kayak dry out before folding (properly) and storing so it won’t mildew. Also be sure to check all of the bladder positions every time before inflating all the way, otherwise it will just become a pool toy.
Modifications - I found it was actually fun to make this boat my own with the several modification I did. I was even able to add a sunscreen canopy structure to the transom mount/rack I built. As I continue to use this kayak I will no doubt continue to chance and modify it for the different waterways I go to. Whether out on the lake for the day or taking it kayak camping for the weekend, it has all of the functionality, comfort and room I need for a fun day or weekend. Overall – as with all kayaks, you’re never going to get everything you want in one purchase. If you are looking for a multifunctional relatively inexpensive kayak that is easy to store, I recommend this kayak for beginners to mid-level kayakers or lazy kayakers such as myself. With all of the modifications, trolling motor, battery and other add-ons, I still have less than $1,000 into this boat.



Submitted by: Peter-Gray on 3/29/2017

Have enjoyed my Colorado for the last 3 years. Inflation takes 5 - 10 minutes. It was great for lakes & other calm waters. Does take a bit of effort when paddling against moderate wind /waves.
Disappointing that after last trip, valve on 1 bladder has come apart. Rang Coleman & was informed they don't sell spares, so only option is the scrap heap.
Not Good Enough!


The Colorado is the tandem…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/16/2016

The Colorado is the tandem version of the Rio, and also comes in plain and angler versions. The angler version is far more versatile (and more expensive) than the plain model, but well worth the price in value. Multiple D-rings, grommets, and a trolling motor mount, a 470 lb. weight limit and lots of room for gear make it usable in many situations.

It has a very good quality fabric-covered 3-chambered PVC bladder construction. The seats positions are adjust-able (including height, great for vertically challenged paddlers). The fabric is pet-friendly, and shows very little wear after some pretty severe abuse.

It sets up easily, maneuvers reasonably well, and doesn't require strenuous paddling (but will never win any races). It's easy to clean, and has a drain plug for washing out any dirt and getting rid of any water.

Sevylor has discontinued it for some reason, but these are still available on the Sevylor website and (on sale) on many outfitter sites.


I'll start with the bad: This…

Submitted by: demimondance on 5/9/2016
I'll start with the bad: This is an inflatable craft, made of pretty rinky dink material on the inside, luckily it is covered in some pretty heavy duty canvas to protect from tree limbs and wayward fish hooks, and a heavy duty plastic material on the bottom.. I would stay it is much more hearty than the sea eagle 330 and 370.

The valves are not boston valves anymore, they are like those from an inflatable air mattress, and this is really the worst part about the boat. If you see the amazing reviews for this boat lasting 5+ years you can be sure you will not get the same boat. The valves they use now will fail long before then. Theoretically you can replace the blatter (of which there are 3, bottom/left/right), but the manufacturer won't replace them, says they can be purchased but only if you live in the UK.

The tracking is what you would expect from a flat bottomed inflatable boat...what little assistance the bottom design gives you is negated after storing it because thematerial became permanently enamored with the right side of the boat.

So now that we got the bad out of the way...

This boat is more than capable of going a few miles or less to your favorite fishing hole. You basically can't tip this boat. It is hilariously stable. It is very comfortable, maybe a little cramped for long trips with 2, super comfortable by yourself. Have done class I/II in it without a problem. Especially in a river with a current this boat is a dream. The material is so heavy duty I ran in some pretty gnarly broken trees, thorns, and had to drag lazy ladies over sharp rocks and had no trouble whatsoever. I imagine adding a skeg to this would be a big help, I found directions online for adding one but unfortunately my valve failed before then.

I have had around 550 pounds of supplies and men in it without a problem.

I have much fondness for this boat, and probably got 200+ miles of floating out of it. Eventually that valve is going to get you though (it failed while opening it to air it up), so at the very least be very gentle with the valves. This isn't your boat for the rest of your life, but not many inflatables are, especially at this price point. If fishing is your main activity I definitely recommend.


I recently bought a Colorado…

Submitted by: Ferdinando on 8/24/2015
I recently bought a Colorado kayak and I'm quite proud and satisfied.. the only problem for me is the bottom chamber: I would like it to be well inflated but after paddling few minutes it deflates almost completely.. Don't know whenever it is normal behavior of this boat, the chamber has a small puncture or maybe the valve leaks air..

I enjoyed using this kayak in calm - rippled sea, using it to reach inaccessible beaches with my girlfriend that is even less experienced than me... I will provisionally non give the maximum rate to this kayak as I've not used too much and I'm not sure if it really has a malfunction or not.. I would definitely re-buy it again because it's funny and handy..


I got the Seveylor Colorado…

Submitted by: paddler236193 on 7/24/2015
I got the Seveylor Colorado about 7 years ago, it has a 30kg capacity. The build quality is top notch and it has not had so much as a puncture in the time i have owned it, i have used it for a 2 week trip around loch lamond and lots of week end trips away, etc.

This is a 2 person canoe with 3 air chambers left right and bottom, and 2 inflatable seats, this brings me to the tracking, being a 2 person canoe it needs weight to track in a straight line if you try to paddle solo the canoe will weave about so take some ballast camping gear or your dog even, this is an excellent canoe for lazy days on the river and it will carry enough equipment to stay out for a long time, it will not get awards for speed but it will do relaxed river cruising and extended camping trips it is very stable on the water and is tough as old boots.

I have had mine 7 years and my buddy Gavin has 2 that he still uses when he goes away with the wife and children and he has owned his Seveylor Colorados for almost as long as i have, and i fully expect to get another 7years or more trouble free canoeing.


I own the Sevylor Colorado…

Submitted by: paddler235941 on 9/5/2014
I own the Sevylor Colorado two man inflatable canoe and just love it. It has a very rigid and stable feel to it. Traveling with it is a breeze because it folds up into a large duffel bag. The two inflatable side beams are so strong I was able to make a wooded engine mount for a good electric motor. I would recommend it to anyone with limited storage.

Have used this boat for a…

Submitted by: paddler235567 on 5/30/2014
Have used this boat for a dozen or so trips over the last three years, both on class I/II rivers and short stretches of flat water. It's heavier than you might expect for an inflatable boat, but handles well, feels solid, and is easy to transport and set up (I use an "Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump").

Unfortunately, the top part of a valve tore off on the last trip, and support says that this can't be repaired. Not sure yet what to replace this boat with, but I'll either go for something cheaper and more disposable, or for a manufacturer who is confident enough in the quality of their products to provide a proper warranty.


Took mine out yesterday for…

Submitted by: paddler234763 on 9/12/2012
Took mine out yesterday for the first time and absolutely love it. Left the skeg at home by accident but still had no problem tracking on my own with single paddle. Would recommend 100%

Life begins at 60... I bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/30/2012
Life begins at 60... I bought my Colorado four years ago. Yes tracking is a problem. I am going to invent a better skeg. The first time I used it was on the river Thames, on a first date with a lawyer lady dressed in a woolen suite. I told her we would not get wet and just paddle up the river and have lunch at a pub.I did not know that you had to blow up the base so the walls were collapsing onto us. After 100 yards we were drenched. She figured it all out and we had a good lunch. Worst part I dropped my glasses in the river. Coming from Africa I dived in and eventually found them. There was a crowd forming as they had never seen anyone swimming in the river.Best part when we were going through a lock we had right away over the huge powered toff leisure launches.The next time I used it was with my current partner. We paddled the Wandle river that runs though outer London that was said to be un-navigable. The Colorado can handle a six foot water fall even if you don't know it was there. Believe me it was a hoot.

Problem with English rivers is it is like being on a history tour as every bend, landing or rapid has a story. We will be in the USA in July so hope to see some National Parks that you guys look after so well. Be proud of them!


I purchased the Colorado in…

Submitted by: paddler234495 on 4/15/2012
I purchased the Colorado in 2012. I did a 42 mile trip through Mammoth Cave National Park on Green River and the boat worked great. Myself, my cousin and gear for 3 days of camping (around 475lbs) and the boat worked pretty good. It did not track as good as a canoe that was with us, and we really got behind them but it worked all the Class I rapids great and the lone Class II that swamped the canoe, we tracked perfectly. I slept in the boat which was an added feature to keep in mind. Air mattress, just remove the seats and gear and a tarp overhead and I was good to go.

I would have easily given this a 10 out of 10 if it tracked a bit better, but if you are not in a hurry, I say go for it! The river was at the exact level that you can paddle right into a cave bordering the river and it was a cool break to go in 50+ feet into 60 degree water in a cave that the canoe could not navigate through the cave. Good stuff!


You either love this inflatable or hate them. I've had mine for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/12/2012
You either love this inflatable or hate them.
I've had mine for 15 months now, it's been used in nearly every type of water scenario going and it's still going strong. I've bashed it against rocks, dragged it over concrete, had tree tops gauge against it in dams, it's been used in the sea with 3ft waves, it's been used on tidal river's with mangrove roots stabbing into it and nothing has affected it. The outside coating on the floor chamber shows no sign of wear at all. It's not the fastest kayak/canoe in the world but I'm not using it to do speed trials. I want a vessel that will carry my large carcass around in comfort be able to fish at the same time, be very portable and pack away very easily, if that's what your after the Colorado ticks all the boxes. I have a hard shell sit on top, bought to do sea fishing, it has no stability at all in comparison, the Colorado is very stable to the extent of lifting heavily laden crab pots up out of the water with no sign of strain or bowing on the side bladdered walls. The outer heavy canvas like shell has had constant abrasion from nylon rope over the last year or so and there is no sign of ware on the fabric.

The only things to be aware of is the bladders can and will fail if over inflated or the Colorado is over loaded. There doesn't seem to be any back up service from Sevylor. If any one knows where spare bladders for the earlier Colorado's are then please let me know!


I bought two of these boats…

Submitted by: paddler234098 on 7/5/2011
I bought two of these boats (Rio and Colorado) for moderate whitewater. They are the same boat and only differ in length to accommodate the number of paddlers. I have now ran 20 miles of mild rivers (Class I and II) with them without any issues. My wife paddles the Rio solo and I paddle the Colorado with my daughter in the front. I am very pleased with both the engineering and material of the boats but need to use them more to see how durable they are. I chose these over the Aire Tomcats because of price and so far I think I made the right choice. I expect the Aires to be better boats but for family use these should work great. If it is needed we will upgrade later on but based on review we some care we should be able to use these for many years. These are very stable but I suspect their limit to be rapids III+ or IV.

So far we have got these stuck in rocks several times (low water levels) with no visible sign of wear. The bottom of the boats is a very tough plastic and seems to be doing its job. As some other reviewers commented these are not really designed for flat water so paddling in flat water or slow moving rivers is manageable but tedious. They track reasonably well in flat water for an inflatable but if you expect hardshell kayak tracking you will be disappointed. The paddle choices depends on the number of paddlers. Two paddlers could handle the Colorado with canoe paddles but I would not want to paddle the Colorado solo or the Rio with a canoe paddle. If paddling the Colorado solo or with a child (my daughter weight 50lbs) you want to invert the seats and paddle backwards as this helps balance the boat lengthwise. It tracks much better this way. If you will only inflate one of these boat you can do with a manual pump but if you have two you definitely want to use an electric pump initially and finish the inflation with a manual pump. Inflating these to the correct pressure without a pressure gauge is extremely difficult so I recommend to invest in a pressure gauge. I bought a "Bravo" and rigged it to my Coleman dual action pump which is a great combo.

The correct kayak paddle length for paddlers irrespective of height is 240cms because of the fat and high side tubes. The problem with this was that paddles this long could not be found locally so we had to order online and wait for the delivery. If you insist in buying shorter paddles locally definitely don’t go shorter than 230cms or you will not reach the water comfortably.

My operating procedure for these boats is the following:
1) unfold, 2) inflate main chambers for volume with a 12v pump quickpump, 3) inflate main chambers for pressure with a manual pump with pressure gauge , 4) Inflate seats with the manual pump, 5) tie seats, 6) launch.

After kayaking:
1) take out of water, 2) unplug drainage valve, 3) lift kayak to drain water, 4) dry with camp towel, 5) deflate manually, 6) deflate with pump, 7) dry again with camp towel, 8) unfasten seats, 9) fold, 10) drive home, 11) inflate for volume main chambers, 12) let dry for a day, 13) deflate with pump, 14) fold.


I have had this boat for two…

Submitted by: paddler233985 on 5/14/2011
I have had this boat for two years, using it on the Wye, lakes and coastal. Even performs well in surf! Used it with me plus 9 and 6 year old, me and girlfriend and me on my own. Love that flexibility.

I use kayak paddles and no problems with tracking, with and without skeg. I had a seem split in a bladder early on, replaced FOC by shop. Have had another small hole, patched and no further problems. (Hint: use soapy water to find leaks).

Was amazed that me and girlfriend could paddle it faster than novices in hard open canoes (I'm experienced, she isn't). Replaced bag with a 120L cargo rucksack which is much better. Construction is solid and resilient on the whole, but bladders could be made better.

Good all round boat, easy to store and just chuck in the boot of your car. Kayak paddles mean that your legs get dripped on a fair bit.


It was great for 18 months.…

Submitted by: paddler233932 on 4/4/2011
It was great for 18 months. Now its useless. Plastic has deteriorated and the seams keep leaking. Coleman offered a repair kit which will make no difference because a new hole appears every time we go out. Rubbish. Get another brand.

My new Sevylor Colorado is…

Submitted by: paddler233838 on 10/5/2010
My new Sevylor Colorado is currently being used in Shillong, North East India. Hours of net-trawling led me to buy it.

Pros - Affordable, easy to set up (max 15 mins-inflating boat, seats, lashing bags on etc), tracks decently, sturdy, looks good, light, can stand up on it, packs small, nice pressure gauge and mesh bag supplied, stable, tough outer skin, both side and bottom pvc tubes can be removed totally - makes cleaning and checking/repairs easier, bottom seems pretty solid too, pretty good fun!

Cons - cheap floor valve makes me worry, would have liked two skegs or one big one for deep water, the outer skin that houses the pvc chambers is great but also retains some water making it noticeably heavier for portage and increases drying/cleaning time. Bellows foot pump feels flimsy, I'm getting a solid plastic one.

This Colorado will be used extensively for river running in our hills so another review will be added after it hits some rough water. I only give it an 8 because I haven't used it to its full potential yet so I don't have first hand experience. But from the build quality of the boat I might be changing the rating later!

All in all a great little boat and I recommend it to anyone who asks. Looking forward to a near future of a little river bashing with the Colorado!


I think that the folks that…

Submitted by: paddler233823 on 9/24/2010
I think that the folks that are having trouble getting the boat to track should take a lesson in proper paddling. If using a canoe paddle a simple J stroke will keep the boat tracking straight. I will admit I have been paddling for over 30 years, everything from flat water to class 4 WW. I bought the Colo canyon to bring along in my motorhome and am very happy with it. Serves my purpose well.

I had bought the boat as a…

Submitted by: paddler233705 on 7/19/2010
I had bought the boat as a little family fun. The boat is built to last no doubt, but to be honest it has a blunt entry making it not the easiest kayak to paddle against the flow of a river, even when compared with other inflatables. We used it a couple of times but were frustrated by the small valves which left our expensive handpump with built in pressure gauge with a very unreliable reading. The Boston valves could lose pressure from the securing screwthreads, and the floor valve got decidedly hot with a high volume pump as it did not let that much air in quickly. To be honest it was none of these that made me sell it on. It was the amount drying time that made me decide to find something different.

If you are going to be using it for a couple of days camping then this is the boat for you. If however it will be used for the occasional day of evening out there are better and cheaper alternatives. Personally we have ended up very Satisfied with the Red Star Pathfinder kayaks, while not as robust as the Colorado a quick wipe after use and it is dry.


I love my Sevylor Colorado. I…

Submitted by: paddler233600 on 5/21/2010
I love my Sevylor Colorado. I ordered online and received a green one. I used it A LOT for a year and a half. Noticed I was losing some air. Pulled out the inner tube and tried to find the luck. More recently I noticed I was losing air from the other side chamber. Found the hole (probably caused from a fish hook) and patched it. I believe the slow leak I could not find was due to over-inflation.....especially on hot days when the air expands. Have been on rapids, bouncing off sharp rocks, but mainly on flat water. This thing is built to take a beating! Can stand up in it too. Just got a new one recently. The newer models are 2 tone colored and do not have the skeg attachment on the bottom.

I'm very disappointed with it…

Submitted by: paddler233589 on 5/14/2010
I'm very disappointed with it and with Sevylor after-sale service. The bottom of my canoe collapsed due to PVC deterioration, I can't find a replacement part (they say it's discontinued product) neither fix canoe is good for trash now

I bought this boat after…

Submitted by: paddler233450 on 12/13/2009
I bought this boat after checking out a number of reviews. My end use is flat water casual exploration, slow top medium rivers and it has to carry two people plus a little gear or one person plus more gear.

Got it in the water today on a slow river with a bit of wind. Generally very pleased with boat. Excellent quality of materials and workmanship. These boats are built to take a few knocks and I have every confidence they will hack it when the going gets a bit rough. Tracking was a bit of a worry but to be fair the skeg wasn't fitted. Next outing I will check inflation and fit skeg. Very comfortable and easy to inflate, deflate and move around.

Would highly recommend to anyone. I think it would be better if the seat position could be moved to about center so it is trimmed well for one paddler. Even so a very good product.


Great boat. I have the…

Submitted by: paddler228977 on 11/16/2009
Great boat. I have the Colorado and Rio and have had all sorts of kayaks and some canoes, both hard and inflatable. I wouldn't attempt an overnighter fishing a couple of miles in the ocean for bottom fish with anything small except for the Rio or Colorado. I feel exceptionally stable and safe in them; the outer skin is A-1 grade. I have battered both boat into Florida mangroves and barnacles, never a hole has appeared, even after being pulled by 7 lb jack crevalle into groves. Sevylor has a clear winner here

What a fantastic boat, my 10…

Submitted by: paddler233311 on 8/14/2009
What a fantastic boat, my 10 and 12 year olds jumped in and paddled away, the tracking is great. I was a bit worried after reading some of the other reviews but no problems, its easy to handle and very comfortable. The only downside so far is the floor valve which is difficult to pull out with cold wet fingers. A great little family boat, we've had dogs and kids all piled in, great fun.

I have had a Colorado KCC335…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2009
I have had a Colorado KCC335 for about 1 1/2 years now and really enjoy it. The first time I used it was in the Gulf of Mexico with 3' swells and it did terrific. Since then, have had it in the Atlantic as well as numerous lakes, rivers, streams and creeks from Florida to Wisconsin.

The only disappointment is a leak with the right side bladder, cannot seem to find it. The leak is slow enough that I can be on the water for up to 5 hours without too many worries. The only thing slower than the leak at this time is the customer service at Sevylor - I've left 2 voicemail and 2 e-mails in the past week with no response.


We have been out half dozen…

Submitted by: paddler232893 on 9/22/2008
We have been out half dozen times in our Colorado. Both flat water lakes and slow moving rivers (Georgia). No white water so I can't speak to that. We will use it as RV gear, so inflatable is a big plus as is the low weight.

It seems to handle well enough in good conditions (my suspicion is that it will handle not so well in adverse wind and current situations) and best with the removable skeg attached. (I guess some Colorados have 'em and some don't).

Our biggest complaint so far is that I can find zero information on how to replace that removable skeg should it be lost. Which is inevitable. Why I give it a 9: not much support from the company...

I get a little aggravated sometimes when I see my "rigid body" friends standing around while I'm still rolling up my Colorado and I'm thinking about the cleaning and drying operation still ahead. But I feel better when I stow mine back in its little corner of the garage.

If inflatable, portable and stable is important, it would be hard to do any better than the Colorado.


I am very pleased with the…

Submitted by: paddler232850 on 8/30/2008
I am very pleased with the Sevylor Colorado two person boat. I brought the boat out with my brother on a lake paddling as a double kayak and also as a single canoe and he was very impressed. The boat looks cool and is easy to maneuver and paddle and requires a good paddling style to maintain a straight heading. The only problem is the air valve in the floor of the canoe: mine has developed a rip on the inside of the valve so that the air rushes out when the top cap is removed.

I purchased the Colorado as a…

Submitted by: paddler232846 on 8/28/2008
I purchased the Colorado as a space saving alternative to a rigid hull canoe or kayak. After completing 25 miles of class I-II rivers this last weekend I am very happy with this boat.

The Colorado is very stable and comfortable for long floats and has enough room for coolers and other gear for two people. I rigged the boat the first time in 10 minutes or less by myself. The only thing I would improve on is the valves for the floor and seat supports. The valves are the cheap pinch type, if they were boston valves like the main tubes, they would be great.

My primary concern when buying this boat was it's tracking ability. It exceeded my expectations without using the removable skeg. The two molded strakes on the bottom of the hull help keep the boat pointed down river pretty well.

Overall, For the money and price, I am happy with the Sevylor Colorado.


We purchased this canoe…

Submitted by: paddler232826 on 8/18/2008
We purchased this canoe online for a fantastic price. We took it out in the San Francisco Bay for our first trip, 8-12 knots of wind, small wind chop. The Canoe was easy to paddle, fairly dry and very stable. It tracked well with the skeg in place. It was very easy to inflate and we were ready to go in 15-20 minutes. The only draw back is the air valves in the flooring is hard to get to. I highly recommend this canoe - easy to store, transport, inflate and deflate. Looking forward to using it on Tahoe and the Truckee River this year.

Me and my buddy took the…

Submitted by: paddler232758 on 7/22/2008
Me and my buddy took the kayak from Europe to Borneo, Malaysia for a 3 week during expedition through the jungle in the kelabit highlands. As we organized this by ourselves, we were completely dependent on our kayak for transport, carrying our stuff for 3 weeks and safety. We were really amazed that the kayak had not given us any trouble, considering the conditions, even on white water. We had to drag the kayak over rocks multiple times, but the kayak is absolutely made for heavy duty usage as no essential damage was visible even after three weeks of roughness.

Especially the canvas protection that protects the inflatable parts of the kayak are crucial in our view, as we have had not a single leak in the expedition, and man.. we haven't been too easy on the kayak..bumping into trees, sharp rocks... amazing!

One word of advice though, make sure it is properly inflated, especially in white water conditions.
For the Colorado in action, please visit:, and follow the link to the video of Borneo.


We purchased 2 of these boats…

Submitted by: paddler232752 on 7/21/2008
We purchased 2 of these boats and I give them rave reviews. I actually disagree with the comments about tracking. We have a model that allows us to attach a little red "fin" or "rudder" on the bottom, and it tracks great. We've taken it out on flat lakes, where this rudder is very necessary and then we've removed the rudder to float down rivers that have been somewhat shallow. I can set the canoe up in about 12-15 minutes. The upright Sevylor inflate and deflate pump is amazing. Deflating feature helps with take down and I can always get it back into the original bag!

We have recommended this boat to all passers by and there are a lot of interested people out there. A friend has already bought one as well! So far it has been extremely durable, as we have had in rather shallow, but swift moving rivers. We are very pleased with our purchase.


First time on the lake, CO.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/7/2008
First time on the lake, CO. It is hard to go in a straight line. I was paddling with my son. Easy to set up, we were pretty dry. There was some water at the bottom between the sides and the bottom. It kinda forms like a channel of water in it. Don't know if it seeped in? Other than that with good coordination from the paddlers, it is fine. We were using canoe paddles... Might still try other brands and models.

Okay, here's the deal. I…

Submitted by: paddler232535 on 4/21/2008
Okay, here's the deal. I couldn't find many reviews on the Colorado, and so I wanted to put in my two cents. I recently purchased this canoe, and have just finished my second afternoon out on a lake. This is a wonderful boat, that does everything it promises. Easy to inflate, easy to pack and carry. It's very sturdy, and will accommodate myself and my wife (neither of us are 'small' people) with ease.

Yes, its true, if you're a true canoe enthusiast, the tracking is a small issue. But if you want perfect tracking, go by a rigid kayak or regular canoe. My experience is that it does very well on water, and I can get from one end of the 'lake' to the other without any problems. I use the kayad paddle, and had my 6 yr old son in front. I did not get drenched, just had to find the most comfortable and efficient way of paddling.

I've been in many regular canoes, and this is as good on the water. Now, try folding up a regular canoe and taking it home. The whole point of an inflatable is the portability. Its fun, and if you want pure, straight and true tracking, get a rack/trailer for your car, a good strong back, and a roof mount for your garage and pay $650 for a 'real' canoe. I think the people who downgrade this boat shouldn't have bought an inflatable to begin with, but for what it is, it works great for us!

BTW - I probably should have given it a 10, but it could use another skeg on the front end.


I bought this boat for casual…

Submitted by: paddler232319 on 9/12/2007
I bought this boat for casual exploration of small lakes and ponds and maybe some flatwater paddling. I have used it twice both times with two people in it.

I found that I could have it inflated and ready to use in about 15-20 minutes using a Sevylor large foot pump. I thought that was pretty good. Deflating and repacking has been a little harder. Maybe I'll get better at it.

I found the handling to be very responsive but manageable with two people in it. We had it loaded close to the maximum weight. I was pleased with the water performance, comfort and light weight. This is the main reason for my good review. It seems to me that this a good day trip boat for calm conditions. With the loading we had it would take on water if there was any chop. Cargo capacity is limited by the length, mostly.

Negatives: Floor and seat valves are cheap molded stem type and hard to use. Main side valves are "Boston" and better. Tend to hit motor mount and tie downs when paddling in the rear. Can learn to avoid this but design could be better.


Well I have had mixed…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/24/2007
Well I have had mixed fortunes also with the Colorado. It is pretty hard yakka paddling it. It does move around rather a lot, as opposed to straight forward. I found myself drenched, as the paddling angle required the blade to be lifted very high. And I also found myself hitting the paddle stowage points on the sides of the boat far to often. In having said that, it is very stable and comfortable. Is relative quick to get in the water. I am looking at fitting a Minn Kota elecric, for fishing. The Sevylor electric is way under powered by all accounts. I just need the mounting bracket from the factory unit!

I recently bought a Sevylor…

Submitted by: paddler231877 on 11/9/2006
I recently bought a Sevylor Colorado Canoe and I have a mixed review. The boat is very comfortable. But it doesn't track well and it can be a real chore to go a couple hundred yards in it. With every stroke, you go left or right twice the distance you go forward. I'm trying to rig up a skeg to help, but the company doesn't make one for this model. The customer service folks at Sevylor are very nice, which doesn't make up for the fact that they don't know squat about their products. It lists as having three directional strakes, which is true if you count one of them twice. They are of the semi-hard rubber variety and came delivered to my home badly distorted. The boat paddles well in tandem (with canoe oars) but paddles poorly solo with a kayak paddle and turns a perfect circle with a solo canoe oar. If you're planning on fishing off of this boat and buying the trolling motor then maybe this would be o.k. but otherwise I'd look for something else.

I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: garryw on 8/21/2006
I recently purchased a Colorado KCC 335. I have to say I am impressed with this little boat! I have only had it for a couple months but what I've used it for has performed way beyond my expectations. Very stable in whitewater and a dream on flat.

This is a inflatable two…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/2/2006
This is a inflatable two person canoe that has sit on top style seats in it and storage front and rear. I absolutley love this boat, its stable and fun. Rated up to class 3 rapid, and nice on flat water. Using a hand pump it take s aproximatly 20 min to inflate and is faster with electric. Stores in supper nice bag and is excelent for apertment living. I would strongly recommend this to any apartment dweller /canoer!
Colorado Canoe - U241/KCC335

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