Name: danhowells

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Purchased my 2015 Outback in May and have been on the water at least 2 hours every day since with few exceptions. Having back surgery in 2014 made the Mirage Drive an easy priority during my research and I now enjoy both upper and lower body exercise everyday via pedaling against the current and wind and paddling back. Much more fun and interesting spending time outdoors rather than going to the gym like I've done for the past 20 years. The newest seat design was also high on my must have list. The built-in lumbar support and variety of vertical positions make sitting for hours a non-issue.

I store the Outback in bed of my Ford Explorer SportTrac so it's ready for the water anytime/all the time. I also like being able to carry the cart at all times unlike most kayakers who roll to the water and need to leave it behind while on the water hoping it will be there when they return.

The Outback is extremely stable considering all the folks who think "Minimum and no wake" mean generating anything under 3 foot waves even on narrow creeks. Hope to take advantage of all the storage by doing some multi-day adventures in the upcoming seasons. Look forward to enjoying this kayak for many years of play and fishing because of its built-in versatile design options.