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I sold my Loon to a friend since I use a Monarch (Verlin Kruger solo canoe) but would not hesitate to buy it back. Other than the Kruger, I can't think of a better multi-use boat design than the Loon. It is stable, roomy, easy to get in and out of and carry all sort of stuff from camping and fishing gear (actually use the gear while in the boat).

The Loon is fantastic for totin' kids, dogs just about anything you need yet still is very maneuverable and moderately fast. The Loon tracks well, stable, and very forgiving. Hull is stiff, rugged, hold the colour well, has an adequate amount of deck tie points, a nifty paddle bungee on the side. The seat is adjustable fore and aft for balance and has an adjustable lumbar support. I've at times, pulled the seat completely out and used a low camp chair for comfort.

This long Loon design is built more like a decked solo canoe, think station wagon... It is not the fastest nor sleekest but by far the most practical design for creeks, shallows and flat water, therefor one of the best overall designs for 98% of water play. I highly recommend this boat and would buy another just for a loaner for newbies to the sport.

An Aluminum TANK! I've dragged this canoe over a life time of log jams, hauled truck loads of crap, crashed into and stuck to many a rock, dumped it and humped it. This baby is Boy Scout proof and nearly bomb proof. Old school to the Max! Stable, tracks well, hull is surprisingly dent proof yet can be hammered out and if ever broken can be welded, screwed and patched. A TRUE Redneck dream! AND if it is ever totally destroyed, the scrap aluminum has value!

I highly recommend this boat, Grumman is a fantastic aluminum canoe, IF you can ever find the light weight racing model, CALL ME!

Think of this design as a Ferrari station wagon, not much to look at but boy does it perform while hauling a boatload of stuff. Reasonably fast, maneuverable, stable, forgiving and tracks well. Operator sits high and dry with the gunnel design and adjustable height seat, but does feel much more stable in the low position.

I've often used canoe as well as kayak paddles with no problems or quirky awkwardness. Portage is comfortable, well fitting and padded yoke with the seat flipped. The kevlar hull feels a little light compared to the high priced Kruger boats, but mine has gone over countless log jams, sand bars, and oyster reefs. Lost and recovered after riding out hurricane Ike in Galveston and twenty years of brutal sun and salt air, she's a little faded but still looks good and has decades of service left.

Although discontinued by Mad River last century the Monarch is highly sought after, so if you find one BUY IT you will not be disappointed!

I received this Bending Branches Angler Pro paddle last summer as a ransom gift so my son could get his high zoot carbon graphite paddle back...

I use it with a Kruger boat solo canoe so it does receive a fair amount of abuse from rocks, logs and sandbars. Although a rather expensive pushstick/prybar, It has performed admirably. The length, light weight, L or R preset locking blade angles and blade design make both high and low angle paddling a delight with touring or fishing kayaks as well as a low slug solo canoe. Although a skeptic and proud user of inexpensive, whatever is available paddles for years, I simply love the light weight and design of quality equipment. Do yourself a favor and start with quality!

This paddle is simple, light weight, straight forward quality you will enjoy for years!!!

I've always wanted one of these to go with my Kruger boat. The paddle is beautiful, its curves elicit many a stare and compliment. Oh the feel of it in ones hands...the light weight, the ergonomically correct grip, and the angled, large blade make the day glide by. Finding it on clearance really helped sway my decision. Thanks Mountainman!