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In May 2014 I upgraded to a poly Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 with rudder from a WS Pungo 140 without rudder. When I test paddled a Tsunami 145, I noticed it had the same initial and secondary stability, the incredibly comfortable Phase 3 seat and storage capacity as the Pungo but the overall handling and turning ability was different. I found that it responds quicker to turning strokes better, I think, due to the upswept bow and hull as well as the fact that it is 3.5 inches narrower. It handles waves somewhat like the Pungo but has more slicing ability to cut through the large waves. Like any other boat, it will weathercock into the wind but the rudder helps you correct that problem.

I found the foot pegs to be uncomfortable while using the rudder so I have ordered the WS Keepers Padded footpegs. I had a spray skirt for the Pungo but did not enjoy using it as it was difficult to put on the cockpit. I bought a Seals brand size 1.7 spray skirt for the Tsunami but I found it too difficult to put on the coaming of the cockpit so I borrowed a Harmony brand Large size from a local dealer until my new spray skirt comes in and it is much easier to put on. I love the secure feeling a skirt gives me while paddling in rough waters. I arrive at my destinations dry and no bilge pumping needed.

I rate the WS Tsunami 145 poly a 10 because it is an all purpose kayak. One drawback is its weight of 59 lbs (with rudder) but I think that it is a good thing because it means the polyethylene hull is thicker than most kayaks and can withstand bumping the odd rock or log resulting in minimal damage.

A good quality kayak by Wildy. Just remember that every kayak comes with basic features and needs to be outfitted for your personal comfort and style. Happy paddling!

This 10.5 foot inflatable kayak is so easy to use. Just unfold, inflate, attach the seat and you are on the water in under 10 minutes. With the aluminum ribs in the bow and stern and inserting the light weight AE "Backbone" (sold separately) make this little sporty kayak track and perform as well as any hardshell. I also recommend purchasing the AE adjustable foot pegs system for better foot and leg stability while paddling.

The Advanced Elements Advance Frame Sport is great for those paddlers who can no longer lift and portage heavy kayaks or who don't have the storage space for big hardshell kayaks but still want to get out on the water. Other great features of this kayak are the 2 velcro straps on each side of the deck to hold two full size paddles, lots of storage space behind the seat and deck rigging,the easy-to-use inflate/deflate air valves, 2 molded grip handles and the puncture resistant hull material. Great little recreational kayak!!!