Name: wssrios

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I've been paddling this model for 5 years now after 15 years of class 4-5 hard shell boating. I've been down the Grand twice in it as a solo setup and it was very good. Probably the best all around IK for the money and can be paddled tandem or solo. I've done several multiday trips with lots of gear. No problem. A friend of mine actually did the Grand SOLO in one OF these boats last year. Very durable but a bit heavy. I would guess they are at least 10 lbs. heavier than a Lynx but they are half the price. You can't go wrong with this boat

No longer in production, this is the crosslink plastic version of the Appalachian so it's 10-15 lbs heavier but super durable. Can carry a large amount of gear and handle class III water easily. If you can find one they are much cheaper than an "Appy"

I've been running rivers, class I-III for 20 years either as a head guide or on private trips with friends. I've owned my "APPY" for 12 or 13 seasons so I guess you could say I know about what I speak when it comes to boats. There is NO better all around boat than this one for the money. While not cheap at $1550 nowadays, there is nothing else that will do everything as well. Read the other reviews, it's all there and has already been said. Own one and see.