Name: TonyE

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Picked up a used Tsunami 145 with rudder last year and have to say it's a wonderful multi-purpose kayak. Very stable, has decent speed, rather light for it's size and comfortable for 3-4 hour trips (my longest to date). Have not had to use the rudder for flat lake or class II river rapids. Though the one time I did need it came in very handy to keep me pointed in the right direction on a high-sierra lake that had ocean like swells and high surface winds. It gets a big 10 from my experience so far.

I bought the Manitou 13 early January and have finally gotten out a few times this month. This is my first sit in kayak as past experience has been with WS Freedom and Tarpon 120 SOT kayaks.

To start with the pros, I purchased it on site for an exceptional price when you factor a 20% discount coupon. The glide is smooth and it's relatively fast though have yet to race with it. The stability is forgiving and have yet to come close to tipping it. It's a manageable kayak, weight wise for portage and easy to get in and out.

On the con side, at 6'3" size 12 shoe, I've reached the comfort limits of the pedals and the height. I highly recommend that if you are interested and similar in shoe size to try it before you buy it. I also have had a challenge with the Neoprene hatch as noted in other reviews. I'm told it takes awhile to get the trick of securing the cover but time will tell.

With all things considered this is wonderful kayak and I rank it at 8 other then a 10 which it deserves due to the hatch and shoe/leg limitations.