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Name: riverdave

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I bought the Airfusion Elite for a month long vacation on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and have paddled it almost every day. Most of the outings were between 8 to 12 miles of open water.

The boat has been a joy and has generally met or exceeded my expectations. Its compact duffel was effortless to check in at the airport and its lightweight made it easy to deal with at all points.

It's stability is remarkable even in 4-5 foot seas and comfort level is high. The durability of the skin was often tested on beach landings in some substantial waves and there is no visible indication of wear.

My review is not a ten for only two reasons; as mentioned in a previous post, the seat could be affixed to the floor more securely as it tends to slide forward as the backrest is engaged and I feel that the floor panel could be made of a more rigid material which would eliminate the hull distortion which inevitably slows the boat down.

All in all, it's a great boat for its intended use.

Last week I picked up my long awaited Shadow from Joe Moore at Placid Boatworks. I've been a lifetime paddler with experience in paddlecraft ranging from surf ski racing to freestyle canoeing and can confidently express that the Shadow (designed by the legendary David Yost) is the finest boat I've ever set my butt in.

At 26 lbs. it is feather light. The construction is artistic and impeccable. It's first outing was a 3 day 45 mile paddle and portage trip through the Adirondack region. Facing strong winds and moderate waves the Shadow holds a course confidently in all directions with weathercocking close to non existent. The boat is ridiculously fast, has remarkable and predictable secondary stability, and when leaned over turns on a dime. While promoted as a pack canoe (intended for double paddle) the boat paddles effortlessly with a single stick.

Dealing with Joe Moore is a joy and while the Shadow is rather pricey, it is unquestionably worth every penny!

I took delivery of my brand new Otegan this past weekend and I'm thrilled and delighted. As expected the craftsmanship is impeccable and with wooden gunnels the visual is stunning. Although racing days are over, I was seeking a solo that had strong performance characteristics yet had enough comfort and stability to go tripping and fishing. The stability is remarkable for such an efficient hull. Although not a turn on a dime configuration, turning the boat is effortless. I get out on flat water 3 to 4 times a week and I believe that after 30 plus years and innumerable boats, that I've found the perfect canoe.