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Name: Smeisner14

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I'm only a beginner and this is my first kayak, but it suits my needs perfectly. My biggest concerns were 1) storage and 2) portability. The AdvanceFrame is easily transported when I want to go solo since it all fits in a bag that I can carry to and from my car. When I pack it well, my PFD and paddle also fit inside the bag. My only wish is that the bag was a backpack instead of a duffle.

Inflating is a breeze and takes less than 10 minutes using a dual action pump. The first go, I under inflated a little, but the second time I made sure to get it full and had a much better ride. It's comfortable, tracks well (for an inflatable) and I appreciate the built in skegs. There is not a lot of storage inside the hull--small space behind the seat and little to no storage in the front for me (I'm 5'8"). However, there is ample deck space so with a dry bag or a deck bag you could potentially pack enough for an overnight trip (but I'd rather bring a friend that has more storage in their boat).

I would not recommend this for anyone taller than 5'8". It's a good fit for me, but anyone with longer legs will probably feel crammed.

I've taken it on both lakes and Class I/II rivers. On the river I can keep up well with my friends in hard boats, and essentially there is no difference. In flat water, I have to paddle a little more to keep up, but the positives in portability and storage far out-weigh these small downsides.

Overall, this is a great kayak for beginners, especially for someone who will be transporting the kayak alone and doing a few solo paddles.