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Loop T Loon. I had owned Loon 138 for years and loved it. I sold it for $100 less than I bought it for 8 yrs ago. I wanted to upgrade to a Dirigo 140, I got hooked on its neat new features. I purchased a demo at REI. Hated it. I reviewed the Dirigo here as well. I returned it and tried a WS Pungo 120, better but to tippy and cockpit not as comfortable as a loon 138. I like WS SOT's never a big fan of their SINK's. REI no longer sells Loon 138's. I was able to get one from LL Bean. A red one replaced my green one. It arrived 3 days ago. I was on the water today, how wonderful "like putting on an old shoe." I am happy again so is my dog hopefully for many years. I also own 2 SOT's, a WS Tarpon 100 and an Ocean Kayak Sidekick, both are fine summer boats. My grandson loves the OK Sidekick so does the dog. My old Loon 138 came with a hatch cover. I would like to install one.

After selling my loved OT Loon 138 which I owned for over 8 yrs., I decide to upgrade to a Dirigo 140. I purchased a demo at REI as I had with my Loon 138. I am 6' 240 fit. This boat was uncomfortable this new seat is complicated and pops out of its bracket. I miss being able to slide back and forth in the Loon. I tracked well but was very slow it's basically a tub!! It displaces a lot of water has little glide. The water comes up to the gunwale. I returned it. I wanted another Loon 138 REI no longer carries them LL Bean online was my only choice. I decided to go with a Pungo 120 instead. I have owned several WS boats before including a Pungo classic I was generally please with all of them. I will try it this weekend if the Pungo doesn't work. I will order another Loon from LL Bean. As far as the Dirigo is concerned I can see it being a good fishing platform, I don't fish.

Tandem Hybrid. It has small seat for child up 90lbs up front. This my 4th sit-on-top purchase. My first Ocean Kayak. I was considering the WS Tarpon 130T. Then I saw this new kayak at the local shop here in Austin. It was perfect for my needs and about $120.00 less than the Tarpon 130T. It also comes with 2 seats. On the water paddling solo, tracks well easy to turn very responsive. Comfortable very dry seating, the first SOT I came out of with out a wet butt. I am 6' 240lbs. Next with passenger, my wife 114 lbs (a bit more than suggested). Still tracked well a bit more effort turning. Still very dry for both of us. I bought it in order to take my grandson about 50lbs now. I love this kayak. I think they have got a winner. I gave it a 9 because there is a bit of hull slap in a moderate chop. I was told this is common for Ocean Kayaks with tri-hull design. Also, it has some nice extra features. Large well with Bungee cords in back small hatch for main paddler. The small seat can be position facing either way. I am sure my grandson will like that. Also great fishing platform for solo paddler lots of room for gear front and back.

Upgraded from a Keowee 2, like going from an VW bug to a cadillac. Great boat track very well, no rudder here I am a purist :-) Just keep the heavier person in the back and it turns fine. Wife, grandson and dog on board no prob. I am the only paddler though :-( Those looking for single skirts, has them.

If your 6 ' or over forget it, lousy leg room, second Dagger boat. Tracks poorly just like my old Edisto. sold both. Go for the Islander Moku or Wildersness System Ride both great boats