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Name: hsturgis

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For me, an experienced but moderately-skilled paddler, this is a great boat. Wide enough for my vast bulk, plenty room for multiday, and easy to paddle once I got used to it. Just sitting in it feels tippy, but edge 5 or 10 degrees either way, or start paddling, and it settles in and feels rock solid. And in 1 to 2 foot wind waves and boat wakes, it behaves very well and is very forgiving to the clumsy paddler. To me, it feels nearly effortless to paddle, and goes as fast as I'll ever need to go. There are a number of less important design features that I really hate...the cockpit is too short for easy in and out (with my long legs anyway), the thigh hook set up is foolish (why not mold them in rather than bolt on separate pieces?), the hatch and cover design is inferior, and the skeg throw is not deep enough. This last is a basic intentional design feature (according to the manufacturer), but I would like more cross-wind support in a boat (more ballast in the aft compartment helps this). All this aside, I'll still probably never get rid of this boat. It's just too much fun to paddle.

Fine boat, for me anyway. I'm 6'1" and 250, and it fits me, which is a big plus. It has plenty of cargo space, enough for 1 - 2 week trips. However, not the perfect tripping boat, since it's built for maneuvering and responsiveness as opposed to going straight. That makes it really fun to paddle though, and I love how it handles swell, chop, and big boat wakes. Is susceptible to weathercocking in any wind at all, and the skeg doesn't do much to correct that...has less than 3 inch throw. That can be helped by edging and aft loading, but my preference would be a little more "go straight" in the design. None of this is to say this isn't a great boat, because for me it really is. It is a terrific all around "real" sea kayak, and probably the last boat I'll own (unless I come up with the scratch for the glass version). Overall I give it very high marks.

I'm a beginning paddler with two seasons under my belt, and the Edge 13 was my first boat. I've had it on the water (Colorado lakes & reservoirs) a few dozen times, and even though I have another boat now, I still really enjoy paddling the Edge. It tracks nicely and responds well to sweep strokes and edging (and skeg-down, it is straight as an arrow even in the strong afternoon winds of Colorado). It handles moderate wind chop and boat wakes quite well, although I've speared a couple of two footers with the low profile bow and had the water roll right down the deck and into the open cockpit...I got a spray skirt and have had no issues since.

The 24" beam and relatively large cockpit makes it roomy and stable, and I imagine it would work well for fishing, although I've never done that. However, anyone much bigger than me (6'1" 240lbs long legs big feet) would find a tight fit. On the other hand, my 6 year old wisp of a granddaughter can paddle it just fine, so I think it's a good boat for a broad range of recreational or beginning paddlers.

I call it my "rec boat with bulkheads"...the fore and aft watertight hatches are a nice safety feature, and make it possible to do longer day trips (and possibly overnight, if you pack like an ultra-light backpacker). The purpose-built paddle straps on the rear deck, and the low profile, make a paddle float re-entry a breeze.

The boat has a number of nice touches, like an under-deck gear net, and bungees underdeck that allow me to store my pump inside the cockpit right above my knees. The only thing I don't like is that the foredeck plastic seems a little soft. This is not a problem elsewhere on the boat, but the deck right in front of the cockpit is a little too flexible...I haven't actually done it, but I suspect one could collapse that section of the deck quite easily with a substantial weight (such as my own). Other than that the quality generally seems good, especially considering the low price.

Overall, I'd say this is a superior boat for it's class...a solid rec boat with a few nice features and extras. In that context, I give it a "8". Glad I bought it, and I (and family & friends) will probably use it for years to come.