Edge 13

Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Edge 13 Options

  • 58 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic
  • 52 lb
    Thermoform ABS Plastic

    Edge 13 Description

    With an eye-pleasing low deck profile so you don’t feel lost inside, and a bundle of features that would make any sea kayak blush with envy, the Edge 13 brings together harmony of shape and relevancy of features. Its hull offers a nice blend of primary and secondary stability, so you’ll be immediately comfortable in a boat that will grow with you.

    Edge 13 Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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    Riot Kayaks
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    Great boat! Tracks nice and…

    Submitted by: Pohopaddler on 7/16/2020
    Great boat! Tracks nice and after a few "tall guy" mods I made to the seat and thigh braces very comfy. Enough storage for 2-3 nights in the Bush if you pack light. Cockpit and stern drain ports are a nice touch. This boat sits low and moves pretty fast with a 6'2" paddler@220lbs

    I really like everything…

    Submitted by: paddler539871 on 8/6/2019

    I really like everything except the seat and the fact that my skeg control is loose/needs adustment? The skeg deploys for no apparent reason. I like the rudder (bought a model with skeg and rudder) and I really like the fishing rod holder. I wish I could pay more money for the same kayak with a better seat and a skeg that functioned perfectly. I do like this boat, a lot!


    really fun and zippy

    Submitted by: paddler519139 on 6/24/2019

    really fun and zippy


    Hard to give any yak a 5…

    Submitted by: jhbarn52 on 6/7/2019

    Hard to give any yak a 5 star but if this had a functional rudder instead of a skeg then it might come close. Used this boat in a 16-mile Buffalo Bayou regatta and by the time the end came my shoulders were tired of the multiple strokes to turn the Yak on the winding bayou through Houston. Completed the same trip with Tsunami and Carolina with rudders and not near as tired. Does go straight with or without skeg and user friendly as far as stability. Roomy cockpit as I am 6'2" at 185 lbs. and was comfortable for the 3+ hour trip. Good storage space in the hatches and bulk headed. Also, good storage space on top. Nice paddle holder as part of the boat. Good size yak for a 65-year-old guy to carry and load. Versatile is probably the best description for this kayak as it fits many needs. Has a rod holder for fishing but I like the SOT’s for fishing. Seat is comfortable and adjustable to fit many styles but if you’re a back-belt person you will complain about the seat back getting in the way during water reentry. I always use full seat backs as tall guys like the back support. Versatile user friendly especially for those new to kayaking. Good to have one around.


    Reviewed lots of kayaks for…

    Submitted by: dkwjunk on 6/27/2018

    Reviewed lots of kayaks for recreational use. Looked for light, good tracking, stable and suitable for a lighter paddler. The Riot Edge 13' was fantastic. easy to operate (target was a 13 year old girl) though I as a 6'4" rider found it just big enough (for me I would get something a bit longer). Great storage and handling while absolutely silent through the water.


    FAST- tracks fairly well.…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2018

    FAST- tracks fairly well. Holds enough gear for 2-3 night trip ( as long as you can convince a canoer to carry your cooler !!) HUGE bang for your buck- loaded with features and all very high quality materials. Seat is not the most comfortable, but that may be subjective.

    Do not hesitate- the only similar kayak I liked was twice the price!!


    I've had this Kayak for 1…

    Submitted by: paddler237159 on 10/2/2016
    I've had this Kayak for 1 year and love it. It is more stable than a Point 65 XO13 and just as well built. It is more roomy also and a tad lighter than the XO13.

    I just got this kayak from my…

    Submitted by: bubbagates on 9/28/2016
    I just got this kayak from my local outfitter during their demo sale about 2 weeks ago so it was very lightly used and for me was just over half price. I had paddled quite a few boats up to this point but all much cheaper fully recreational models so speed and stability were a concern for me as well as storage.
    I have about 35 hours in this kayak now so I've come to know it pretty well.

    I took this out for a demo (about the 11th of the day) and in 5 minutes knew I had my boat, though I had paddled more expensive ones, cost was the deciding factor and I'm in no way disappointed. It has great initial and secondary stability so getting into and out of it is no problem and if you want to put it on its edge, go right ahead it will not bite you and snap over when you least expect it. It was pretty windy that day so I got a chance to see what the skeg will do. It did exactly what you would expect and better still, there are about 12 positions it will lock in to.

    For me, the weight is not a concern, I'm 56 yrs old at 5'11" and 210lbs and in normal shape, getting it onto the roof of my Journey is not much of a problem, unless I've been out all day and my arms are pretty much jello. In that case I sit and relax a bit first. I fit well into this kayak and have used to hip pads that it comes with to get a good snug fit.

    I let my girlfriend paddle it this past weekend and it looks like I may have to buy another one. I seriously doubt if I'm going to get it back unless I go out with it by myself but then I usually get in trouble from her for not taking her along. LOL

    While I'm no expert kayaker, I'm a research and learning type of person so before I ever bought one, I looked and read a lot of things, watched tons of how to videos, mostly from Paddling.net and Paddling TV (they are a great source of info) and took the outfitters classes from beginners to advanced kayaking skills and safety training because I wanted sit in versus sit on and plan to do day/weekend trips soon.

    By best advice is while this kayak will work for a beginner I would not buy it until you take a few training lessons, but if you have a few hours already paddling recreation kayaks, then go for it, it's a nice transition from basic recreational kayaks to a more advanced recreational one.


    I bought my Riot Edge 13 at…

    Submitted by: Nmsquares on 9/14/2016
    I bought my Riot Edge 13 at the end of last season as I was looking for a lighter boat that was affordable. It has not disappointed me yet! Not only is it lighter than my last boat, it is fast! Thermofoam is a great material and makes me feel like I'm driving a sports car! It is Ferrari red after all!!! The rudder provides excellent tracking and even without it the boat tracks with the least of effort. The only issue I have is the hatch covers don't keep the water out completely like my other boat did. However, I do keep all my gear in dry bags just to be safe. I finally sold my other kayak this summer as i was sure I made the right choice.

    My wife and I both have the…

    Submitted by: Wingman on 5/25/2016
    My wife and I both have the Riot Edge 13 with retractable skew, and we both absolutely love it. It is roomy and very stable, tracks well and can travel well in all depths and fast or slow water. There is plenty of dry storage and even a place for a rod if you decide to go fishing. I would recommend this kayak for all levels of paddlers from small lakes and rivers to shallow bays.

    Nice lightweight boat. Great…

    Submitted by: cburton on 4/27/2016
    Nice lightweight boat. Great on flat water, can handle the wind and turns well. Haven't tried it in the ocean yet. But the weight is an important factor since we have to put it on the jeep and find water...

    I bought this boat last year…

    Submitted by: Nmsquares on 3/23/2016
    I bought this boat last year as I wanted a lighter boat to carry and load on my SUV. What a beauty!!! Fast, sleek and light. Perfect for sandy beach landing on our Island.

    I have owned this kayak for…

    Submitted by: Saltys on 12/18/2015
    I have owned this kayak for almost a year and have had a chance to paddle it quite a bit. What distinguishes the Edge 13 really is the fact that it is a sea kayak crammed into a 13 foot form factor. The design is excellent; stable, extremely maneuverable, and straight tracking. I never drop the skeg, it's not needed.

    For the price you won't come close to all the features that come standard on the boat; front/rear bulkheads, rod holder, skeg, self-rescue straps, securement loop, etc.

    The seat isn't anything special compared to much more expensive brands like Wilderness Systems or Necky but once you get it adjusted it is comfortable. A little bit heavy at 58lbs but not by much.

    Probably the best value in the adventure recreation segment of boats. Buy this boat if you are interested in adventure and want to do more than paddle around your local lake twice a year. The Edge 13 has enough room for a weekend trip.


    We purchased two of these for…

    Submitted by: NorthCoastPaddler on 11/12/2015
    We purchased two of these for our cabin on Lopez Island. We have been extremely happy with them as have our guests. Very stable with a spacious cockpit. They track like a much longer boat and handle very well. The skeg is nice but we don't find we ever really need to use it. Lots of extras like the paddle and rods holders, bulkheads, cargo net...perfect boats for day trips in the Puget Sound. Could be used for a weekend trip. Sea kayak performance with rec boat comfort. Probably the closest you can get to a do-all kayak out there. Affordable compared to other brands. Would buy again.

    I purchased my Riot Edge 13…

    Submitted by: Jeanne on 9/1/2014
    I purchased my Riot Edge 13 from REI's online outlet. I have borrowed/rented kayaks for the past few years and this feature-packed kayak at a bargain price seemed too good to pass up. When the kayak arrived, I noticed the seat adjustors were not the same as described in the owner's manual or as pictured in the You Tube videos or online reviews. Upon inspection, the seat seemed quite flimsy. In addition to the foam "shims" included for customizing the width-wise fit of the seat, it came with Velcro covered stiff foam wedges, not described in the owner's manual, for wedging under the seat to customize pitch of the seat pan. Although it seemed awfully low-tech, it appeared sufficient so I gave it a try.

    I had my new kayak out for a test drive yesterday. For the most part, I agree with previous reviewers' assessments. It has excellent initial and secondary stability. I rocked it pretty vigorously in shallow water and couldn't tip it. I kept up with my pack of paddlers easily. It tracked well yet was quite maneuverable in tight turns. I was able to "spin in place" pretty easily. It was difficult to assess the contribution of the skeg since it was a very calm day on the lake but the kayak tracked beautifully on the straightaways with the skeg deployed.

    Unfortunately though, my initial concerns about the quality of the seat were confirmed. I felt fatigue in my lower back after abut an hour of paddling. This has not been my experience in other kayaks. The height of the seat back is virtually impossible to adjust while on the water. I beached the boast, adjusted the seat, and paddled on but it was still not comfortable. A couple of my paddling buddies were anxious to try the "new boat" so we swapped kayaks after a while. After paddling for about 5 minutes, my one friend proclaimed, "This seat sucks.". Unfortunately I have to agree.

    I intend to contact REI about the unexpected seat swap. The seat really is the only flaw of this kayak, hence the "7" rating.


    I bought my Edge 13 two weeks…

    Submitted by: paddler235293 on 8/18/2013
    I bought my Edge 13 two weeks ago from REI, and I returned it to the store yesterday for a refund. I am not happy with the way it tracks without the skeg down. In shallow water, I couldn't deploy the skeg without damaging it. The boat kept drifting to the right side, plus it was difficult to paddle it straight. I've paddled a Carolina 120 all summer long and it tracks sooo much better. In deeper water, the skeg certainly helped the tracking. But without the skeg down, it paddled sluggishly. If it isn't enjoyable to paddle, then why keep it?

    Other than the tracking issue, the boat was nice. I liked the drain plug on the side of the cockpit (very useful). The paddle-park in front of the cockpit was well thought out too. It did weigh a lot and was hard to car top by myself.


    I'm a beginning paddler with…

    Submitted by: hsturgis on 8/10/2013
    I'm a beginning paddler with two seasons under my belt, and the Edge 13 was my first boat. I've had it on the water (Colorado lakes & reservoirs) a few dozen times, and even though I have another boat now, I still really enjoy paddling the Edge. It tracks nicely and responds well to sweep strokes and edging (and skeg-down, it is straight as an arrow even in the strong afternoon winds of Colorado). It handles moderate wind chop and boat wakes quite well, although I've speared a couple of two footers with the low profile bow and had the water roll right down the deck and into the open cockpit...I got a spray skirt and have had no issues since.

    The 24" beam and relatively large cockpit makes it roomy and stable, and I imagine it would work well for fishing, although I've never done that. However, anyone much bigger than me (6'1" 240lbs long legs big feet) would find a tight fit. On the other hand, my 6 year old wisp of a granddaughter can paddle it just fine, so I think it's a good boat for a broad range of recreational or beginning paddlers.

    I call it my "rec boat with bulkheads"...the fore and aft watertight hatches are a nice safety feature, and make it possible to do longer day trips (and possibly overnight, if you pack like an ultra-light backpacker). The purpose-built paddle straps on the rear deck, and the low profile, make a paddle float re-entry a breeze.

    The boat has a number of nice touches, like an under-deck gear net, and bungees underdeck that allow me to store my pump inside the cockpit right above my knees. The only thing I don't like is that the foredeck plastic seems a little soft. This is not a problem elsewhere on the boat, but the deck right in front of the cockpit is a little too flexible...I haven't actually done it, but I suspect one could collapse that section of the deck quite easily with a substantial weight (such as my own). Other than that the quality generally seems good, especially considering the low price.

    Overall, I'd say this is a superior boat for it's class...a solid rec boat with a few nice features and extras. In that context, I give it a "8". Glad I bought it, and I (and family & friends) will probably use it for years to come.


    I've had this boat for about…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2013
    I've had this boat for about a year now, so I thought I'd go ahead and give my impressions.
    I bought this boat from REI looking for an all around 'yak. The price was right at about $560.00 so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    This boat is heavy - at about 62 pounds, which makes it a pain getting on top of my Jeep into the J-style carrier. That being said, it is rotomolded, so it should be near indestructible.

    I wanted was fishing platform, but this is really not well suited for that as other boats are, it is a light tourer with a flush mount rod holder to the right rear of the cockpit. I paddle a lot of rivers with low handing branches and if your rod is in the holder you could easily snap it off.

    But as a light tourer, I think this boat really excels. The bow and stern hatches are not totally waterproof, so you'll want to use dry bags. There is ample room for a weekend camping trip in the hatches, plus bungees for on deck storage as well. The retractable skeg is a wonderful feature, making this boat track like it is on rails.

    I did have a warranty issue, which took some time to resolve. The pad for the seat back ripped after two outings, it took some time but Riot did come through with a replacement part. I think that it took so long because Riot is based in Canada and the Kayak & parts are made in China.

    Overall, a good beginner to intermediate boat for the money. I thoroughly enjoy my time in the Edge. It's been a great first kayak.


    I have used it on a lake and…

    Submitted by: paddler235230 on 7/30/2013
    I have used it on a lake and a river. So far it has bee very well received. The tracking in the wind on the lake was as expected with the skeg up, but with it down it was very good. It is very responsive and stable.

    The only reason not to give it a 10 was that water leaked into the rear compartment. I may have caused this by over tightening it while on my rack. I had intend to reseal the bulkheads just for added protection, so no big deal.
    I have used it for overnight camping, adequate storage.


    I purchased the Riot Edge 13…

    Submitted by: paddler235227 on 7/30/2013
    I purchased the Riot Edge 13 "for my wife" as half of a pair of boats. It was the leading half of our step-up from a big old Tandem; which no longer met our needs.

    The only negative feedback I have is that since I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, the foot pegs do not extend quite far enough for "ultimate comfort". I fit & the first couple hours is OK. But day-long trips require multiple get-out breaks & many kick back sessions, where I hang my feet over edge.

    Otherwise, this is a great boat. It's probably the best bang-for-the buck we could find; after months of test paddling, feedback from friends & obsessive internet review. Highlights...

    • Skeg-up means great maneuverability, but still ample flat-water tracking
    • Skeg-down means straight-as-an-arrow tracking without compromising the steering you need without a true rudder
    • Most water over the front deck drains off in up to 2 foot chop\\swell due to superior deck design
    • Front deck also includes a cool paddle slot\\groove so you can strap on the paddle, pop you feet up & have a lounge-chair experience
    • Front & back hatches with fully sealed bulkheads provide storage and improved floatation
    • 13 foot length is a great trade-off for tracking vs. waterline vs. steering. Any shorter would get a little squirly in windy & wavy conditions. Any longer would start to limit steering & fitting into tight spots; rivers, creeks, strainer safety, etc.
    Overall, this one will live with us for the long haul as a main flat water & semi-turgid water boat. We have yet to strap on a spray skirt & try the heavier waters of the bays & inlets here near the Chesapeake!...or Buy one if it meets your general requirements.

    I have owned my Edge 13 now…

    Submitted by: Bradshawm on 7/24/2013
    I have owned my Edge 13 now for close to a year and am convinced that this is the most kayak you can get for your money. For a shorter kayak of just less than 13 feet it has two bulkheads, grab lines and bungees all the way around the kayak, two rubber hatches, a fishing pole holder, thigh braces and a skeg.

    The kayak is good thick plastic - tough and durable. It is very stable. With the skeg up it paddles well and turns easily. With the skeg down it paddles straight and fast. I have no problem keeping up with 17 foot touring kayaks. I have fished out of it several times and it works fine, but lacks most of the conveniences of a sit on top. The rubber hatch covers don't seal well, but at 25 inches wide and very stable, this is not a kayak you would roll, or dump easily.

    I got mine on sale and then used the membership 20% off coupon at the REI outlet. This boat has popped up there a couple times since I bought mine. I highly recommend it as an all around, do anything recreational kayak.


    This is a pretty interesting…

    Submitted by: paddler234042 on 4/9/2013
    This is a pretty interesting little craft. As a family we already own too many boats - 'glass, plastic, thermo - but all long tourer types. The team wanted something smaller, lighter and more maneuverable for quick jaunts and backwaters.

    We picked up 2 Edge 13's. The price was way below the competition and the outfitting is quite nice. What surprised me was how much it really felt like a full-blown sea kayak. It's much faster and livelier than I would have expected in such a short kit, and for the price is an easy choice for anyone doing day tripping or single nights who doesn't want to fight 16'+ onto the car.


    I purchased my Edge 13 last…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/25/2013
    I purchased my Edge 13 last March (2012) and soon after I hit the river and never looked back. Extremely easy entry and exit due to the large cockpit. Great primary and secondary stability. Friends have tried it and wanted one for themselves. With the rudder it's easy to keep a straight course.

    A great little boat for someone like myself who just wants to paddle easy and do some photography or weekend trips. It's great in class II and III rapids. The only problem I have with this boat is the oil canning, I'm told that all (most) plastic boats get this. I'm not racing so it's not such a big deal, I just don't like having a 'dent' in my new boat. And it certainly doesn't stop me from getting to where I'm going.

    The Edge is a great beginner or entry level craft. I highly recommend it.


    I picked up the Riot Edge 13…

    Submitted by: Bradshawm on 8/14/2012
    I picked up the Riot Edge 13 from REI's online outlet store with an additional 20% off the outlet price. All my other boats are 17-18 foot boats and I wanted a crossover boat for creeks and rock hopping in smaller water ways.

    I have never seen a rec boat that has as much to offer as this one. It is not as wide as most rec boats and paddles very well. It tracks great with the skeg down. The seats are extremely comfortable and highly adjustable. It has almost every amenity you might want (two bulkheads, fishing rod holder, rescue straps for paddle float re-entry, two drain plugs, one for the rear compartment and one on the side of the cockpit, thigh braces, adjustable foot pegs and lots of deck straps). It even has a netted storage above the legs under the deck.

    The only thing I am disappointed with is that the hatch covers seem slightly too big for the hatches and will most likely not seal well if the boat goes over. Even for a higher price than what I paid, this is an excellent rec boat, but with REI's current sale, it is a steal. I gave it a 9 because of the hatch covers.


    I bought this boat online…

    Submitted by: qagaye on 8/8/2011
    I bought this boat online from the REI outlet because the specs sounded good, the price was unbelievably good and I needed a rotomolded boat for rock bumping or just as an extra. Plus, I was assured that if it wasn't what I wanted I didn't have to keep it. This has turned into a very pleasant surprise as it is very fun to paddle, stable yet good glide and speed. Skeg deploys flawlessly. Very nice transitional kayak, more than a rec boat, less than a sea kayak, just what I was hoping for.

    My twelve year old grandson loves paddling it (and he is no slouch at paddling) and beginners quickly feel comfortable. Large opening means I can get in and out easily, but not sloppy feeling. Only drawback is the weight. It is listed as 44lbs. Hah! Only in the imagination of the sales crew is it 44lbs, I would love to weigh myself on this scale and I would never have to diet again. Granted I am a weak sister, but both my grown sons agree that it is closer to 54-60lbs. For this reason it tends to get left at home when I would prefer to use this as the extra boat. Because of the weight, we have (lovingly) dubbed her the SeaPig and when the boys do the hauling she is the first one chosen for themselves, a guest or my grandson (if they can get it away from him).

    I hope this doesn't make it sound like a beginner only boat, because it certainly is not. Both beginners and those more experienced have enjoyed using her and would highly recommend this as a nice transitional kayak.