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Name: alelton

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I started this review just over a year ago: I will start by saying that I have some woodworking ability. That was of some comfort when I realized that there was a learning curve to overcome to construct a wood strip kayak. Joe of Redfish provides a well thought out kit, with input as to the variety of wood when ordering that you will use to construct a beautiful craft. The instructions are good, but Youtube provides endless tutorials by different builders that give insight into the unknown. Joe is always available by phone to answer questions and offer encouragement. With a few tools to purchase, and take the patience required, the build went well and am now in the final stages to complete. The Silver looks amazing and can't wait to paddle her! It took about 250 hours to complete my Silver. I made my own perimeter line and bungee fittings out of Walnut with flared brass tube inserts for the lines. I decided to build magnetic hatches and modified the rear bulkhead to store the bilge pump with access from the cockpit. I did an 8 coat Awl Grip, Awlwood "varnish" for protection from UV and it gave the visual depth that really makes the wood pop. Paddling this yak was worth the time invested creating it. She is fast. She accelerates quickly and turns with ease. She is stable and comfortable. I ordered the deluxe seat and then modified it by adding a 3/4" wedge of mini cell foam under the leading edge of the seat adding just enough thigh support. The Silver is a great all day paddler. Designed for the smaller paddler, I think 150 pounds was the optimal weight to place her at her best in the water. At 135 lbs. plus gear, she glides through the water nicely for me!

I bought this pump as a replacement to one not made anymore. It was a little larger but I wanted one rapped in flotation foam. This was the choice as it is rapped in a bright yellow pad. The pump works very well and has a large volume output. It is easy to use and not too heavy. The only negative is a little screw on the handle rusts!

great light board. lots of fun Pros great light board. lots of fun Cons $$ Usage exercise