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At $400 my experience is zero. For obvious reasons from a guy making 20 Grand a year. However I have been kayaking and canoeing almost my whole lunch. To have a kayak paddle that only weighs 1 lb. 12oz.! 28oz... REALLY!? Wow) Toss me one of these light babies would you!?? Then you’ll get my technical review…

I love my little zydeco and I’ll tell you why. I live near a peninsular in Lake Erie and we have lagoons that are great. I volunteer at the peninsula and use this boat exclusively to help do my part to keep the peninsula clean. So as water pushes hydraulically into these different inlets the trash goes with it. So, I Get busy. I do whatever it takes to get into those reeds, bushes, etc. and grab every piece of trash I can. Water flow collects a lot of trash. So, it looks worse than it really is when you pick stuff up. My record is 35 pounds worth of trash on the deck front and back. I’ll have to send you guys a picture when I beat that record. This boat has really been through the ringer. Definitely buy one of these! It makes for a great utility vehicle out of the water. It can do anything. Thanks Dagger (Confluence)!!!