Name: raddog1

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2010 model Jackson Fun, bought to replace a competing brand that I had worn out after 5 years of New England streams and Rivers. This boat loves to surf (the operator hasn't the skills to do tricks, the boat would easily however). I mostly run rivers and recently ran Canada Falls section of the Penobcot, the Gorge and Crib work and the Kennebec Gorge. The boat isn't a creeker but handled the cl 4-5 water nicely. I weight about 175, the upper end of the recommended range, and fine the Fun will handle just about anything I want to do.

This boat was my reintroduction to kayaking. I had been a class 3 river runner in the 80's, but reluctantly left the sport. I bought the loon 111 after trying a couple other similar sized rec boats. For it's price point it met my needs. I have run the Loon 111 in class 2 white water but it's mostly my flat water hunting (duck) and fishing craft. It is very stable for shooting out of, the poly-link material is very quiet, and the size is easy to man-handle. I can drag it easily into beaver ponds where other boaters might not travel. I made a camo cover for the boat, and the deek bag sits on the back behind my seat. The below deck storage is roomy but I can't fit more than a 3 or 4 decoys behind my seat, so I put dry cloths etc in a dry bag back there.

I now own a w/w boat, and am looking for another, a 17 foot long sea kayak which I'm thinking I might sell ( the loon is fine for most of my touring/exploring needs). For an all around little boat it's been a great craft. I use a bent shaft canoe paddle as my "spare"/ sneak paddle, and the typical kayak touring paddle for getting from point A to point B and beyond.