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I recently purchased an Artisan Millenium, after looking for a faster version of my Tempest 170 for two years. My requirements for my second sea kayak were the following:
Increased hull speed over my existing WS Tempest 170, for longer distance trips.
Easy to roll

This was a lot to ask for considering the outfitting in the TEMPEST is the most versatile and comfortable cockpit regardless of boat price on the market (in my opinion). The Millenium, although having a hard seat was indeed comfortable for long periods, I added a wave sport hip kit that worked perfectly to hold me in the medium width seat.
Paddling the boat is a joy, with a quick turn of speed and easy to lean turns for a long boat. The secondary stability is abundant, its very comfortable heeled way over. In conditions it paddles very well in following seas. Rolling this boat is very easy, and very comfortable. With the addition of the hip pads, and some thin foam under the knee braces, you can hang out upside down comfortably and securely during a setup with out loosing any boat engagement.
When I described what I was looking for in my next boat to my local paddling shop, I told him I was looking for a longer faster Tempest 170. The Artisan Millenium delivered exactly what I was looking for. This boat has plenty of volume and storage capacity, the foot pegs have some increased engagement area and are somewhat sprung to provide some compliance, which reduces fatigue in the feet. My only wish would be to have a lower the back deck, by about two inches which would make laybacks a bit easier on the back, but if you enjoy a sweep roll, you'll never notice it.

My boat was a consignment purchase that was in nearly new condition, the hull was in beautiful shape and the hatches sealed very well. I was very fortunate to find this boat and at a great deal. I've installed Kajak Sports optional minibox, it can be fitted under the the front deck. In this fully watertight box you can keep small things within reach during paddling. I thoroughly enjoy this boat!