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I had been primarily a canoe paddler for 40+ years, but I retired in 2018 and moved to coastal South Carolina where kayaking is king. I used to own a P&H Capella, but I didn't want another full blown sea kayak - at least not yet. I wanted a sit-on-top because of the comfort and the ease of entry and exit. It's primary use is for tidal rivers, blackwater rivers, and protected bays. My research into which boat to buy led me to Wilderness Systems, in large part because of the seat system. A local dealer had a Tarpon 120, but I wanted a bit longer boat so I ordered a Tarpon 140 in mango. All in all, I love the boat. The adjustability of the seat makes it extremely comfortable. I have no problem spending several hours in it. Great job by WS! The boat is stable, fast enough for my purposes, and has decent hatches and fitment. It's no speed demon, but I wasn't expecting it to be. However, it easily keeps up with my friends' SOT's so it' all good. The only reason I don't give it five stars is because of the center hatch. While it is a nice feature, there are no bulkheads and whatever you put in there can end up anywhere inside the boat. Easily solved by putting stuff into a small drybag before stowing, but a bulkhead would have been nice. I have no ideas if the hatches prevent water entry, but I won't be paddling the type of water where that's a critical factor. The only other drawback is the weight. The Tarpon 140 is listed as 65 lbs. and I wouldn't be surprised if it was heavier than that. However, I have a trailer so I don't have to manhandle it onto the roof of my Outback. Anyway, I'm quite happy with the boat and would recommend it to anyone whose requirements are similar to mine.