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Name: fc1959123

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If you are looking for an inexpensive, recreational kayak, this fits the bill. It is solid, not too heavy to carry, and fun for lakes or calm water. I tried taking out into the bay where there were motor boats, and it didn't handle as well with the rougher waters. I like it, just understand it is for lakes or calmer waters.

I have owned a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak for years, because it was so easy to carry in my car, but I always wanted a traditional hard sided kayak. I just didn't have a roof rack and didn't want to go through the expense of getting one. The Pelican Vortex has solved all my problems. I throw it in the trunk of my Toyota Corolla, tie down the trunk, and I'm off. The Vortex is light enough to carry in one hand, and it is a blast to use. I usually take it out on lakes, and the tracking is fine. I have taken it out onto a bay, and with the rough waves, it was a little scary, so with a kayak of this size, I'll stick with the lakes. It is so much fun to use, I am so happy with this purchase.