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The key word to think about…

Submitted by: AlishaWV on 8/28/2016
The key word to think about with this kayak is leisure. This is a small, light, easy to maneuver boat for one person who's not in a hurry. If you're paddling along, you move at a leisurely pace. This kayak was on sale when I got it, so for the money I'm giving it a 10. That doesn't mean it's perfect; it means the cost/value ratio is in my favor.

What it's not:
It is not a speed demon. But it's not supposed to be fast. Remember to take it easy and accept the fact that a longer, more narrow and pointed kayak is going to out pace you. But you're on the water for leisure, not racing. It is not a great sport kayak for fishing. There are no built in rod holders or anything like that. I suppose one could fish from it, but it's not designed for fishing. It's not for long trips. The cargo capacity is very small, no built in cargo holds, just some bungee cords and a small flat spot behind your seat. The longest trip I've made in mine is a shade over 7 miles, but that was all done in an afternoon. I've not attempted even an overnight trip downriver because I have doubts I can pack everything I'd need. But again, it's for an afternoon of leisurely day trips, not a week's voyage.

What I like about it:
It's small and light. I can carry it with one hand, and I'm a girl at 5'4" and 175 lbs. It's fairly flat and stable in the water. The flip side of it not being fast means it's probably wider than it needs to be. It won't track as straight as longer kayaks, but you can turn it in tight places, like some of the small creek backwaters I frequent. The stability makes it feel very safe. I've not had it in anything like rough water, though. The small size means I can actually fit this thing INSIDE my Buick Rainier.

The executive summary:
good value for the money, especially if you can catch it on sale. Good kayak for beginners or anybody else who wants to spend a leisurely afternoon paddling along in calm waters.


This is a VERY basic kayak.…

Submitted by: Trluedtke on 7/26/2016
This is a VERY basic kayak. This is the first kayak I purchased, it was on sale at our local sporting goods store and I figured it would be a good one to get my "feet wet" with and it worked great for this purpose. I enjoyed figuring out the fundamentals of paddling in this small maneuverable kayak. It only has an adjustable back support and one small deck bungee. Like I said, very basic. After paddling just a few hundred yards my shoulders were killing me and I decided to spend just a bit more money to get things like foot pegs and a storage box or two. For what I paid for it, I think it would best as a starter or kids kayak. My wife has decided to start paddling with me occasionally and she is going to use this one.

I have owned a Sea Eagle…

Submitted by: fc1959123 on 6/27/2016
I have owned a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak for years, because it was so easy to carry in my car, but I always wanted a traditional hard sided kayak. I just didn't have a roof rack and didn't want to go through the expense of getting one. The Pelican Vortex has solved all my problems. I throw it in the trunk of my Toyota Corolla, tie down the trunk, and I'm off. The Vortex is light enough to carry in one hand, and it is a blast to use. I usually take it out on lakes, and the tracking is fine. I have taken it out onto a bay, and with the rough waves, it was a little scary, so with a kayak of this size, I'll stick with the lakes. It is so much fun to use, I am so happy with this purchase.

Absolutely LOVE this kayak!!…

Submitted by: A.denae820 on 6/6/2016
Absolutely LOVE this kayak!! I am not "adult sized", as my friends put it, and this kayak is perfect for my stature. I'm 5'1(in shoes on a tall day) 120 lbs and this kayak gives me the same performance and features as a full sized yak, while being small enough to easily maneuver. It is as durable and well constructed as it's big brothers, made out of multi-layered RAM-X polyethylene and Twin Sheet Thermoforming. Weighing in at 25 lbs loading and unloading this baby is a breeze!! Thank you, Pelican for making an affordable, smaller kayak! No more kiddie kayaks for this girl!!

This is a great little kayak…

Submitted by: paddler235700 on 7/5/2014
This is a great little kayak for a budget, and youth. It does not track at all... basically just a fun little jaunt around kayak- not for trips. I like it for a quick kayak around a local lake in the mornings because I can just pop it INSIDE my Honda CRV. We have two of them, and they fit right inside our camper when traveling! I'll always prefer my longer tracking rec kayak, but this fits a need!