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After three years and 75 paddles it is time to throw my two cents in.
First item, boat quality. Start with three small gel coat flaws, add a poor skeg operating control and I'm thinking "uh oh". The slotted seat back is a pain. Then in a surfing clinic on the Oregon coast the front hatch rim fails. It turns out the rim has only been glued for a third of its circumference.

Now it is service. For the gel coat flaws I'm on my own. The P&H people send me replacement parts for the skeg operator after a little coaxing. All the shop where I bought the boat can offer me on the hatch rim repair is their hourly rate plus parts. Again P&H, after additional coaxing, sends a new rim and allows me to have it repaired at a shop near my home in Idaho; they will pay the very low charge. I pay the shop and submit the receipt; no response. The area rep is no help and doesn't return voice messages. I finally get ahold of the chief in Maryland whose had the hand written check on his desk for a week or so and now mails it. My bad, I need to replace the rear hatch cover. The shop is good enough to separate a new cover from the rim package but you need a can opener to get it off and a heat gun to get it on.

Now the good stuff. Every thing that has been said by others is true by me. It is super comfortable, has confidence inspiring stability, keep up speed, have fun handling, stores two weeks of gear and is basically a one boat wonder. I paddle the Cetus with a greenland stick. Put this one on your demo list.

Yes the Hullivator takes some getting used to. Yes it's assembly and installation takes time and patience. Yes you must be cautious that it is locked in the up and down position. Yes it whistles (tape up some foam and place it under the middle of your boat on the front rack). Yes watch out for your head on a low vehicle.

Yes yes yes to all the complaints, BUT, say no more bad back. Say no more banged up car. Say no more banged up boat. Say that was the easiest I ever loaded my kayak. Say it's a Hullivator to all those people watching on enviously.