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Impressive Recreational Family Boat. I've been paddling recreational boats for about 4 years now. I own (besides this Swifty) a Pungo 120 and Acadia II Tandem. I expected this boat to be a bathtub, but purchased it for its stability for my son. I was surprised by several things.

Handling: Boat steers straight, little effort. Resists "tacking" (pointing to the side after each stroke). Handles lake chop and power boat wakes with no loss of stability Speed: Only a slight increase in effort is needed to maintain speed as compared to the Pungo or twin Acadia, if all boats are paddled for pace, not speed. Doesn't glide well when forward motion is ceased.

Manueverability: One Sweep stroke will turn boat about 45-60 degrees. (as opposed to about 2 strokes in Pungo and 3-4 in Acadia)

Stability: Completely flat, does not lean into turns, which is not necessary due to its short size and excellent flat-turn.

Comfort: Acceptable for several hours.

Riding the Acadia as a single. Read my earlier reviews on this boat paddled as a Tandem. Today I took it out for a 2 mile trip as a solo. My 120lb son tried it first, but was able to get any action. But with my 185lbs, the boat was amazing. Totally Reponsive to any quick turn, yet tracks straight and glides true. Our chosen path took us over several small stream sand bars which meant I had to get out, push the boat over and using a skate-boarding push gave myself a running start and plopped right down into the comfortable seat. Tippy? Not even a little bit. I felt I abused the boat's primary "stability", but it never once acted like it wanted to do anything but stay perfectly level. Yet you can lean into a quick turn. I finally have to give this boat a perfect 10. It does everything (small stream and lake) perfectly! As a Tandem or as a Solo.

I've had mine now out for several trips, in many conditions and with many paddlers (myself, my sons, their friends, etc)
This boat is the "sporty family car" of the recreational boats. You can trust it for stability, abuse the stability without ever feeling unsafe, coax a lot of speed, make it turn any direction you want with little effort. You can take along a small child, or the family pooch. This boat is truly fun to drive, gives tons of exhiliration, but never compromises peace of mind.

Update review. After many trips in this recreational kayak, I have a better feel for what to talk about. It tracks straight in cross winds and is highly maneuverable, turns 180 with only 4 strokes. Reasonably fast with both rowers. Creates a decent bow and stern wave when it really gets going! Easy entry-exit. Our put-in requires lowering the kayak over an embankment into the water about 1-2 feet below you (into 2 feet of water), then stepping in. Same in reverse for exit. Sometimes we rig up a bungee cord system to the shoreline to hold the boat in place if the current is strong. Due to its hull design it is exceptionally stable, (notice in the picture how the bottom of the bow is deeper than the rest of the boat) even while standing to exit. My 15 year old son has been known to stand up whever I let him paddle in the rear seat. Dont even realize he's standing until he tells me. (of course this doesn't earn him any merit badges with dad) Ample storage in dry hatch. A little heavy to carry. Its easier for 1 person to grab the inside rail and one-arm it, than for two people to use the carry straps, but it does take two to load on the car.

With only canoe experience before this tandem recreational kayak, I am amazed at the stability. You can move around in the boat to reach the rear hatch, or shift your weight to talk to the back-seat rower without any significant listing or rocking of the boat. As I have read of other perception boats, this boat does seems to warp in various storage positions, and I am still testing the best position for storage (vertical?). But it has good speed, great dry-storage, fantastic stability and room for the family pet.