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If you can own only one? The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 may be the best choice. If you paddle mainly flat water, with some Class II (patches of III) then this boat could be just right. It is the most comfortable seat I've ever paddled from, and it is a little larger (depth) for larger paddlers like myself (I'm 6'1", 200lbs). With fore and aft bulkheads, and plenty of storage, this boat is also a good choice for weekend trips, up to a week. Very stable and tracks extremely well.

At 12.5 ft it is a good length for touring as well as navigating some river currents. I have a total of 4 kayaks, from 10 to 17 ft, and I did some extensive research before deciding to buy the Tsunami 125. It fits me like a glove, and I can paddle for hours on hours without having to get out and stretch, both very important for a paddler with some miles on him (or her)! At 51 lbs, its not the lightest boat to load/unload, but the industry makes lots of helpers so those tasks are easier. All in all, the Tsunami is a great choice!

I bought my Tsunami 125 after months of research. Already owning 3 yaks, I was looking for an all round 12footer, with two bulkheads and plenty of storage. My first outing was 4 hours up and down river, and I have never been more comfortable in a kayak. I'm 6'1" 200lbs and it fits like a glove. Tracks very well, turns very easily. If you can only buy one boat, buy the Tsunami 125.