Name: DougKing

Most Recent Reviews

I am a 5'11", 200 lb and 58 year old kayaker that started SUPing 3 months ago on a ACE-TEC Wing Touring 12'6" and am very happy with this board. The stability is good for a beginner and it tracks fairly well. The real plus for this board is it's durability. Pros Durability, stable for a beginner and bungies are well positioned. Cons Weight at 35lbs and carrying slot/handle is too far forward. The board does not balance well and tips forward when it is being carried. Usage Exercise and touring. This is a good board for a new (beginner) SUP paddler.

I've owned my Capella RM166 for 5 years and love it. The plastic is as stiff a plastic boat I have seen and is durable too. Primary and secondary stability is good and the boat handles well in wind and waves. The Capella RM166 is a good boat for intermediate paddlers and will grow with you as your skills develop. I own 4 kayaks and I will never get rid of this kayak because it does everything well. As roto plastic kayaks go, I haven't found another that handles like my Capella. I'm 53, 6' and 210 lbs.

I bought a used fiberglass Endurance 3 years ago to race in the USCA Sea Kayak class. It has been a great kayak and I have not experienced of the quality problems that others have experienced. I've had no problems with the fiberglass or the rudder system. I actually like the Sealine rudder system on the Endurance better than the new rudder systems on the 18X because it kicks up and seems to have more bite when turning. The endurance is more stable than I expected and handles wind and waves well. I own a Capella RM 166 that I tried to race in the USCA sea kayak class, but quickly learned that you cannot compete with the 18' racing kayaks.