Name: JSchloer

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This is a great board. Used it for the last 3 years with very little wear. It is stable enough that I fish and crab off of it in the Puget sound. It’s not the fastest,but it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the water. It’s super lightweight and way easier to carry down to the water from the back corner of the parking lot to the crowded beach the any of my kayaks.

This is a great boat. I got mine in 2006. Still my favorite kayak. It is fast, tough, comfortable (I'm 6'1", 195#). It is a little heavy. The hatches have started to break down over the years and I plan to replace them soon. They have redesigned them since...

Very stable. I am able to crab off it in the Puget sound Pros Wide. Stable Cons Slow. Awkward to carry and put into and out of water. Usage Surf, exercise