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The Aquabound Tango Fiberglass 4-Piece Straight Shaft Kayak Paddle (Northern Lights version) is currently my paddle of choice. It has a carbon shaft, fiberglass blade and the Posi-Lok adjustable handle. It is 240cm long and weighs only 28oz. This paddle comes in 4 pieces and weighs so little that it easily fit in my suitcase. I brought a large dry bag with shoulder straps to make it easy to carry to my kayaking destinations. I can paddle for hours without any arm fatigue due to its very light weight. The blade design (Northern Lights version) gets a lot of attention too.

I thought my Stingray Hybrid 2-piece with a carbon shaft was great and it is but the Tango Fiberglass 4-piece with a straight carbon shaft is even better. It was so easy to pack and take on a plane. I used it for the first time at the Gulf Coast International Kayak Symposium in St. Petersburg, Florida for 3 days in February. We were on the water 6 hours each day. This ultra-light paddle was perfection. It made paddling effortless, since it only weighs 28 ounces. It also allowed me to execute my skills in each class smoothly & efficiently. The Northern Lights design on the blades also got a tremendous amount of attention, so much so that several people stated that they needed to buy that paddle. It is no wonder that Paddling Magazine rated the Tango the Best Paddle of 2022.

The Aqua Bound Stingray Hybrid Paddle is very light (30.5 oz.) due to the carbon shaft, which allows you to paddle longer and more efficiently with less fatigue. This paddle is a two piece posi-lok paddle, which allows you to change angles for a more comfortable and efficient experience. I prefer a 30 degree on my right blade and a neutral on my left. Of all the paddles I have tried, the Aqua Bound Stingray Hybrid Paddle is my favorite to date.