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Name: HiBob

Most Recent Reviews

I'm in love with my Whistler! I use it as my all round go to boat. It does everything well. I had it on the Sakonnet River this past weekend. It rides the swell and handles chop beautifully. I fish from it and use it for wildlife photography. It is stable and easy for all to use. I let my teenage niece, her mother and my brother in law all use it this past weekend. Everybody had a blast in it. I also get many compliments on how nice looking it is.

I have the older version. I believe they have made the cockpit opening a bit larger and maybe raised the front deck. I prefer mine! If you want a great boat this is one that should always be on your list of 14-15 foot boats. The hull is tough as nails and the outfitting is perfect.

I've owned my boat for 4 years. I bought it to fish from. I find it best for salt water - larger water fishing. The hatches are superb. I really like the twist locking system.
Very stable platform. I have an aftermarket seat and would highly recommend one.

I've owned one for 5 years. It is a fun little boat. Light and easy to load and unload. It even fits inside my Ford Escape with the passenger seat folded.

I just had mine out for a quick fishing float at a local lake. I float like a cork compared to my other boats. It had been several years since I had it out. Fun but small once you are used to larger boats.

I use mine mostly as a guest boat. Taking friends out on the water with me. Everybody has an easy time handling it and enjoys it. An excellent beginner boat. Easy to fish from.