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It has been three years since I ordered my first Suspenz…

It has been three years since I ordered my first Suspenz Kayak Rack. It has hung outdoors, from my patio deck for 3 summers & 3 winters, and to view it, it appears as good looking, as the day it came out of the box. The nylon straps and snap clips, are in very good condition, no weathering. Metal work is like new, and there is no rust on the securing pins. It has held & secured, my 14ft, 16ft, 18 & 20 ft kayaks/surfskis with very easy adjustments. What more can one say? So, I just bought another one. This Suspenz Rack is definitely a proven product.
- "Fussy in Massachusetts"

In late November 2007, my new "Excursion Touring" Spray skirt arrived, but so did the freezing weather in New England. I put the spray skirt away in it's package, to be tried the following April. April came and I realized that I could not engage the spray skirt on my kayak with out the help of another person, so again I put it away, and used an old beat-up one for the summer. In October of 2008 realizing that I had a lot of money invested in the Immersion Research skirt, I called Roger Loughney in customer service, and explained the problem, and why I was so late reporting the situation with the non-fitting spray skirt. This was not a problem to Roger who promptly went about rectifying my awkward situation. He sent me a video on how to properly put on a spray skirt, along with an XL sized skirt, and also another model spray skirt for me to try. After I selected one with a good fit, he enclosed a paid return slip for me to return the none selected items. I could not have had better customer service, considering I sent the Spray skirt back almost a year later. I love my new Immersion Research, "Excursion Touring Spray Skirt" and the quality is outstanding as is the customer service.

Purchased and reviewed the fantastic Suspenz wall mount rack on 10/12/2007…

Purchased and reviewed the fantastic Suspenz wall mount rack on 10/12/2007. It has now gone thru a winter, outside, with a 20ft surfski on it. The rack stood up to a 6" to 8" snow load on top of the surf-ski with flying colors. Again, a terrific, strong enduring rack. I don't hesitate to give it a "10" rating.

I have been paddling sea kayaks since 1994, averaging 80 to 100 hours per season. I have owned many kayak paddles, including Epic, ONNO, Werner, Fenn and Braca.

I purchased the Jazz "Tripper", sight unseen, after seeing it advertised in a kayak magazine. I call the distributor to learn more about it's construction. The blade is a carbon fiber fabric, toughened with epoxy resin, using a proprietary resin transfer molding process which makes the blade more resistant to de-lamination and edge splitting. Sounded good to me.

The Jazz has a "Quicklox" adjustable, take-apart, connection for both feather angle and length. I found this connection to be very positive and reliable. The blade is a very generous blade, about 19-1/4" x 7-1/8" by my measurement. It has a subtle dihederal and a slight spooning which contributes to a smooth and flutter free catch.

From a personal point of view, the fit and finish of the Jazz paddle is impeccable. The balance and swing weight is near perfect. My paddle weighs 30 ounces, and the comfortable shaft is easy on the hands, after hours of paddling.

This paddle has become my favorite over all the other paddles I have used. After two seasons of constant use, I rate it a well earned 10 out of 10. This is one paddle you should check out. You won't be sorry.

Recently bought the product listed above. Very, very please with the quality. It installed easily, with clear uncomplicated instructions. It cradles my 18' Seakayak or my 20' Surf ski very well and requires little adjustment, if any, to go from one boat to another. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and will definitely buy another one. ~ "Fussy in Massachusetts"

I am 5'-10" & 200lbs and have been paddling sea kayaks, for over 13 years. I love my Epic V-10 Sport, Competition layup at 33lbs. Felt at ease paddling it from the first 15 minutes. Layup & finish is out- standing. Very comfortable seat. Been doing mostly flat water paddling in 5-12 mph winds and light chop. After 2 hours of acclimation, I was able to paddle at a sustained 8.0 mph/gps, with no wind, over a 500m course. Still working on my remount to be able to take it into rougher waters. It paddles like a dream and only the "stop watch", truly denotes it's speed, as it barely disturbs the water. One of my all time best buys.