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Name: GeorgeCCook

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I recently replaced my 2008 Ultimate 14.5 Solo with a new Ultimate FX12. At 77 years young my aging back had gotten to the point of rebelling a bit whenever the 14.5 had to be lifted onto my trailer or transported to the water. The FX12 is a perfect boat. After being accustomed to the longer Ultimate I was a little skeptical that the shorter length would seem squirrely and that has not been an issue at all.

I am really impressed by the hi/low seat and the ease in which it can be removed for transport. The under seat tackle tray holders are so easy in keeping gear close at hand. I use one for casting tackle and the other to house my fly gear. I purchased the optional front hatch cover which is a great addition to the kayak both in looks and keeping spray out of the forward hatch area. The versatility of the anchor trolleys and gear tracks are a great improvement over those that I had to add to my old Ultimate. I did add an additional short section of Yak Attack track for mounting my VisiCarbon flag/light mast and am considering purchasing a waterproof bag for the rear open area to house all of the additional gear that I like to carry with me just in case I need it.

I may be a little biased because of my previous Ultimate ownership and the fact that both my Bride and daughter also paddle Ultimates, but I am convinced there is no better kayak available for general all-round recreational and fishing use when comfort, stability and flexibility are taken into consideration. These are great boats!

I have had my Ultimate 14.5 Solo for approximately 3 years and have loved it from the day I bought it. I fish from mine constantly and have had a fun time rigging it for fishing. Our testimony for the Ultimate's is a family endorsement since my daughter paddles a 14.5 Solo to accommodate her 65 lb Black Lab Mix dog and my Bride really enjoys her Ultimate 12 for being on the water with me whenever I fish. These are awesome kayaks!

I have an Ultimate 14.5 Solo that i have outfitted for fishing with anchor trolley, fish finder, compass, GPS, fishing crate and Scotty rod holders. This is truly a pimped kayak. The roominess and stability of the Ultimate is unbelievable. I am 6ft 3 inches tall and weigh about 225 lbs and my Ultimate offers more leg room than you can imagine My daughter has an identical Ultimate and shares it with her 65 lb Black Lab Mix. Both have a ton of room and the dog can move around easily. The Ultimate 14.5 is a great boat.