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The Fleece Cover is a rectangle fleece liner that can be used year round - as an accessory or as a standalone bag. It is a great "accessory", even if you already have several bags. It can help add extra warmth on those extra cold nights. As a standalone bag, it can be used in warmer temperatures when you only need a very lightweight bag. It is likely to be too bulky to use as a liner in a sleeping bag, particularly a mummy sleeping bag. I use it as a sleeping bag in temperatures into the 50s F. It is less bulky than a sleeping bag as very machine washable.

Nice, kept me dry and bug free on a trip along the Black River in North Carolina on a 3-4 day trip, I like the ability to use or not use a bug net as opposed to some other hammocks, e.g. Hennessey. Might be a bit heavier and bulkier than Hennessy but not by much.

Although this kayak is narrow and appears tippy, it preforms well and is more stable than you would think. It has surpassed my expectations over the last 10+ paddles. The kayak handles well. I have not learned to roll it more my fault than the kayak's. I have not loaded it yet for an overnight trip but have been told that it handles better with more weight. I weigh just under 200 lbs. It fits me well and should fit slightly bigger and slightly smaller paddlers.

Although this kayak is narrow and appears tippy, it preforms well and is more stable than you would think. It has surpassed my expectations over the last 10+ paddles. Handles well.

I feel that this kayak performs well enough but feel that the seat and/or center of gravity should be just a few inches forward. I feel that the nose sits just a little high.

This is a thicker and likely heavier sleeping pad. I bought it specifically for car camping as all of our state parks require you to camp on marked campsites that are compacted granite. They pad is about 2.5 inches thick and much more comfortable than my thinner Thermarest pad that I use for hiking. I typically fully inflate it then let some air out to make it cushier.

The tent sets up relatively easy although the two poles appear to be the same length they are not. They are color coded and do not fit correctly if not inserted into the color matching openings. Simple enough.

My complaint is that the tent does not provide enough ventilation with the fly installed. When I woke up in the morning the inside of the fly was very damp. Otherwise a good tent for the price I paid, under $150. It is light and compact.

My wife and I each have one. We are both stomach and side sleepers. The flexible stitching allows us to sleep on our stomach or side and move around during the night without much problem. Ours are both down filled. I have used mine in freezing conditions and it was warm enough with a liner and minimal clothing. We mostly use them in warmer weather.

A great backpacking tent. I have used it alone and with my wife. We are both under 5 foot 10. It has room for both of us and is light enough to take on backpack trips. We have also used in on car camping trips and not minded that it is small and efficient.

It still works after all these years. I should probably replace it but it works, looks great and is comfortable. Not too hot in the summer and keeps me warm enough in the winter. I assume it still floats. I am pretty sure it does but after 10 plus years of occasional use it is time to buy a replacement.