Name: SFHarry

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I bought a Hobie Outback SUV about a month ago after selling a Kevlar Current Designs Kestrel 140. I had fallen in love with the Kestrel and it's a great boat. 38 lbs and sleek but it was like a beautiful woman you have nothing in common with. I couldn't fish from it or do photography because I had to brace constantly or it would capsize. It went in a straight line great. I had to evaluate my needs and decided to test the Hobie.

After several paddles or peddles, as you will, I think the Hobie is brilliant. Hobie has also fixed most of the problems that people seemed to have with earlier models mentioned before. There are two handles built in amidships for carrying, there are no leaks into the hull that I have found, there is no hatch under the seat now, the paddle is fairly large and works well for me at 6'3" 235 lbs. It is tricky to paddle and work the rudder system but if you are going in a straight line the rudder control has enough friction you can set it and it will hold straight.

The seat was quite comfortable after 4 hours of use. I can't wait to take it fishing! I have done some photography from it with a waterproof Lumix and a Nikon D90 and felt very secure. You could probably set a tripod on it! It is still a porker but necessity is the mother of invention and I have devised workarounds to loading and storing. I have the heavy duty cart which works well. Still, it's lighter than my Mad River Royalex Explorer canoe which is 75 lbs.

All told it's a engineering wonder and gets attention whenever I take it out and I usually have to show somebody how it works or take a test peddle.