Name: coosadude

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Hands down this craft has great mojo. It moved like butter across the water and was crazy stable. The way the center console is designed allowed me to keep all my electronics dry, and if you're like me the tackle never makes it back to the tackle box until your done fishing, so I was pitching those in the center The pole stagers on both sides allowed the poles to lay just inside the front edge of the craft to allow them to miss any limbs that got in the way.

Once I got back to shore I removed all my gear to give her the true stability test. Once I stood up in the cockpit I turned and was able to step into the seat, and walk back to the storage area without falling in... I'm not a small dude!! So I was beside myself on how that all turned out.

The design of this craft is a cross between a catamaran and a kayak. With the two sides designed in the shape of a catamaran running parallel to the craft allows the craft to stay very straight with very little correction from my paddling. The design of the bottom being flat allowed the craft to jump up on top of the water and glide with little effort.

I purchased my Coosa in Feb. 2011 and I must say they did their homework on this design, It was my first Kayak ever and I did allot of research looking for the right one. Some of the features that really sold me on the Coosa were its stableness in the water setting and standing. I don’t do allot of standing needless to say, but my plans in this purchase was to be able to. The only thing that I didn’t like about the Coosa was the Thickness of the plastic body. I noticed in the hotter months it takes on the shape of what it’s setting on. So you have to be very careful of your storing of the craft. Other than that a great fishing vessel!

Changes needed - Sturdiness of the under body, Plastic to thin.