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The 12' 6" touring board from Xterra is one of the best boards out there in the touring class. I have paddled several and this one sets the bar high. Some are more expensive, but you will not find a better board. Pros Very responsive design and outstanding stability.Perfect length. Stylish and highly manageable for beginner or pro. Cons None Usage Island hopping, surf play and camping.

It is really simple: The 138 is labeled as a recreational kayak, but this yak is so much more: As for speed; not bad with the right paddle: As for tracking; it is as good as one can get with a 28" wide boat: Stability is very good: The most important point I need to make is it's ability to get you to safety: I have been in straight five foot waves with her on Lake Erie and 3-5 on Pymatuning Lake with a 20 mile per hour sustained wind: Call me crazy, but this kayak can do amazing things. Her only drawback is the 60lbs. of weight at the end of the day. Clearly a ten