Name: JLottes

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I bought 2 of these boats 2 years ago. 1 for my 14yo daughter 7 1 for me. My son, daughter & I have used them for white water (class 1-3) & fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. Very stable, tracks well, roomy. We've outfitted them for fishing. Last summer my son pulled in a 23" Rockfish & I landed a 32". Not the greatest for WW but an excellent boat for fishing.

My 14 YO daughter took several classes in WW & wanted a kayak. She couldn't go alone, so I got 2 Swifty's at Dicks on sale for $249 +50% off + 20% off with Dicks membership card + 10% off for using their CC or 2 for $179.28. Great buy.

A good, stable, straight line boat. My 10 YO son took mine out his 2nd day into 1-2 ft surf with no trouble. Seat is not comfortable for long periods, & the footpegs are too narrow (IMO). All fittings needed to be sealed B/C of leaking through the screw & Deck webbing holes. (RTV fixed this but annoying.) New footpegs & seat pads are on order.