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Name: mattv

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I've had my QCC Q500x for 2 years now. I'm tall 6'2" with big feet, this boat is great! For once I'm not trying to hold my feet at odd angles the entire trip. The leg room and high deck allow me to adjust or stretch my legs when I need to.

The boat tracks well and is easy to steer with or without the rudder. (I only put it down when I'm dealing with a constant wind or current). I've used it in river, lake, and ocean conditions, all with great appreciation for it's design.

I also appreciate the performance of the boat. I can easily smoke others in my party.

I bought this for my 2 kayaks, a Necky Manatou 14 and a new QCC 500 (can't wait until things thaw around here! ) Ater looking at the many options, I picked the Talic Kayak Condo - 2 kayak version.

The kayak condo is nicely made of polished hardwood braces, 2 hardwood arms per boat cradle and 2" nylon webbing per arm that is suspended from the end of the arm to braces. It took me 20 minutes to set everything up in my garage along one wall with exposed studs.

The kayaks are well supported by the nylon webbing. They take up surprising little space in the garage, Probably 26 inches from the wall in total. Every time I go out to the garage I admire the set up. There is something very esthetically pleasing about the quality of the wood, the simplicity of the set up and of course, the boats.

I would be hesitant however to use this in outside applications, at least without treatment of the wood, but for indoor use, it is outstanding!