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Just bought this canoe in June and I love it. Plenty of room,cargo space,and handles well. To be sure,requires a lot of muscling to paddle solo, but the more you load it the more responsive it becomes. Think of it as a bus.

I have owned a Swifty for over 10 years and I think it is an excellent boat for beginners. It was my first kayak and I learned a lot with it. I have drilled holes in it to install rigging, anchors, and fishing pole mounts.It is indestructible. I use it mostly as a spare now that I own a Castine, but I still use it on small creeks. You should also note that the cockpit is more spacious than either the Old Town Otter or Loon and I personally think it is more stable. You may outgrow this boat but don't get rid of it, it still does what it is supposed to do.