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Found a used Andromeda in Kevlar a year ago and had to drive for 10 hours to pick it up. Absolutely worth it! While it took me a bit to get used to it first, now, a year later, I truly love it. It has a bit of a subtle rocker, which I was looking for in a long boat, and turns easily when you edge it. It's steady on any water, maybe because of the strong V-hull. I have to put it upside down onto my car for transport due to my flat foam holders. Only recently I started rolling in it and it was pretty o.k., not as easy as my Avocet, but still descent. I guess I just might need a little more practice with it.

This boat is fast. It replaced my Chatham 18 which I loved as well, but it was slow despite its length. I'm 6ft and 182 lbs, and the Andromeda still feels roomy. Tried the Gulfstream a little while ago, it felt gigantic in comparison to the Andromeda. Glad I got the narrow version of Derek's designs.

As somebody else said earlier, not a first boat, but grab it if you find one.